J-gate feels sloppy in D, 3 & 2

Looking for a bit of info about the J-gate please.

I’ve tried manual selection of the lower gears using the J-gate selector, but this has a very sloppy and indistinct feel to it, and never feels any different when moving the lever back and forth through ‘D’, ‘3’ and ‘2’. I’m not even sure that these lower gears are actually being selected to be honest, but I’ve only tried it once.

The other gears on the opposite side of the gate (P, R, N & D) all have a very ‘positive’ feel to each selection though.

Is this sloppiness normal?

No in my world, the lever should give a defined feel and you should notice the trans change ratios albeit a bit of a delay if its anything like my XJR with the Merc box.

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Without checking, I’m not sure if you have the same transmission in your XJR as I have in my '96 3.2 (something tells me not), but regardless, I’ve never known an auto box to be sloppy like this.

Anybody with a 3.2?
Dealer said it’s “meant to feel like that”…really???

Correct you have a ZF box

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