J27 Data for Ordering Speedometers

J27 Data for Ordering Speedometers originally published April 1959 I have the 1st Revision
The number of Jaguar Part numbers for speedos is amazing ie
the one for the 3.4 MKII with O/D when fitted with the Michelin X tires
The one for Dual MPH KPH for the 2.4 MKI
the one for the 160mph XK150 with the 3.77 diff
the one for the 3.4 MKII O/D with 6.00x15 race tires
Does anyone have the earlier copy?


The FIRST ISSUE of J27 is indeed APRIL 1959 and covers Mark VIII, Mark IX, 2.4, 3.4 and XK150 but not yet Mark 2
The FIRST REVISION is dated MARCH, 1960 and now covers Mark 2 - surely that’s what you are quoting from re your two Mark 2 references…
The SECOND REVISION is dated JANUARY, 1963 and adds E-type and Mark X…

I am not aware that there are any more than these THREE issues, and indeed I have all three.