Jack for 1968 2 + 2

Hi All
My '68 2 + 2 came to me without a jack. Is there a reasonably priced jack that will work for me?. Also, what are the hockey pucks that I am reading about in various threads? Thanks in advance!

Are you asking about for home garage use or to carry on the road in case of a flat?

For garage use I have a Harbor Freight aluminum jack that I like, but any decent floor jack will work. For road use there are no perfect choices IMHO. A scissors jack doesn’t take up much space but always seemed a bit iffy to me; they don’t seem to be really stable. A small trolly jack is much more stable but then you have the problem of where to carry it. That concern is more of an issue in a 2+2 and FHC than in an OTS with an enclosed boot.

Thanks John
I have a small trolly jack that works fine at home. I was hoping that there might be something that fits under the rear the rear panel with the spare tire for travelling.

This will give you an idea of what the originals looked like:


A scissors jack may nest in the spare tire since the backside of the spare is up, providing a well to put stuff.

The one time I needed a scissors jack (for a non-automotive purpose) I went to the local Pick-a-Part salvage yard. They had a pallet sized wire shipping basket full of jacks, $5 - your choice. The downside is you don’t know what the jack is out of so who knows it’s capacity; the upside is just about every car made in the past 20 years weighs at least as much as an E-type.

Attached are pictures of the jacking kit from my 1969 E-Type FHC to give you an idea of what originally came in these vehicles for changing tires alongside the road.

I understand that the 2+2 cars had a slightly different jack that fit onto the two jacking pegs on each side of the car. The jack in the pictures is for my FHC which has one jacking socket on each side of the car as does the OTS.
BTW, I no idea what the term “hockey puck” has to do with an E-Type and I have owned mine for 22 years. Can you give an example?