Jack stand recall

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Oh, terrific. Two of my Jags are sitting on 8 of those right now.

Ha, I bought those a few months ago. Put my XJS on them, instantly one would collapse. Tried a few times, instant collapse. Other one was ok.
Got a refund. Harbor freight is fine for some things, but IMO not safety equipment.

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All the cost for everything in a store or company be it Wallmart, Joe’s tavern or Harbor freight is born TOTALLY by the customer…all costs…recalls, theft, employment…is ONLY PAID BY THE CUSTOMER…
I see this as a tragedy in so many ways.

Holy shit…:worried:

Makes me VERY grateful for all my old stands!

Very glad it was instant, and not 30 minutes later!

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I think I speak for all the rest of your JL brethren…us too!!!

Guess I dodged a bullet. None of mine match the part numbers quoted in the link.

From the linked NHTSA recall report 20E-016:

Description of the Defect : For certain units, the ratchet teeth on the jack stand lifting extension post may inconsistently engage the pawl to a sufficient depth.

After ongoing quality testing, inspection and assurance reviews of 6 Ton Heavy Duty Steel Jack Stands manufactured by Jiaxing Golden Roc Tools Co., Ltd (exported by Shanghai Shen Da Import and Export Co Ltd.), it was determined that product quality had become inconsistent due to aging of the tooling. All jack stands imported from the manufacturer as part number 61197 are included in the recall population. Although we believe this issue arose in more recent production batches, because we are not able confirm that earlier production units do not have this issue, out of an abundance of caution we are recalling all units prior to the recall date. Harbor Freight Tools sells 6 ton jack stands made by other manufacturers, and we are in the process of evaluating those other jack stands. However, their evaluation has been delayed by the work restrictions caused by COVID-19. We have reviewed the history of any customer incidents for the jack stands produced by the other manufacturers and found that there have not been any other claims exhibiting the defect. Harbor Freight Tools will update this report after the review of the 6 ton jack stands produced by our other manufacturers.

Production Dates : JUN 13, 2013 - NOV 22, 2019

Once I got my refund from harbor, I went out and bought BigRed 6 ton jackstands with the safety pin!

You always assume jackstands work, but after my experience with the Harbor Freight 6 ton stands, I realize you’re totally relying on that little tooth to hold!

Properly designed, nothing inherently wrong with that.

The issue lies with the too-small teeth and insufficient engagement with the pawl.

I have a bunch of Pittsburg 6 ton stands, some are recalled, some not. The one’s being recalled do indeed have shallower teeth than the others.

I have NEVER, EVER…used jack stands or a jack…without solid wood blocks as well. Even on a drive…in the trunk are a few short sections of 4x4 and 2x4. Nick

The near one is a ‘good’ 3 ton stand. The rear one is a ‘bad’ 6 ton stand.

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Quite clear what the issue is.

A user on another site did a test with wet paint on the pawl to show the appalling lack of pawl contact. Here’s a recall unit. Here’s a good unit.

I’d get out my pitchfork but I’m afraid the tines may break off and cause unintended injury.

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I have an old, Murkin-made one ya can borry!

It’s a long reach to China.
Caveat emptor a peregrino

Watch this at :45 and note that it’s dated a year ago.

THAT…is effin’ frightening.

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