Jacking up front and rear

Hi All, I am preparing for working on my transmission and in order to get sufficient clearance I believe it is best to put the car on jack stands front and rear. I usually use my race ramps when I need to lift one axle only. What is the best procedure to lift the car in order to position four jack stands under it? I guess if I first lift one axle I do not have sufficient clearance to bring a floor jack under the other axle.

Put down 2" x or better slabs of wood under the wheels. Drive on or jack and place.

Using a low profile floor jack and jacking by the front suspension crossmember (NOT the radiator crossmember), and under the differential plate in the rear is the best option. Use a piece of 3/8" plywood between the crossmember or differential plate. The low profile jacks are a godsend with these cars. In the US, Harbor Freight sells a good one for around $110 with easily available coupons.

The 2x8" trick under the tires works also, but is more hassle. If your floor is slick, they don’t want to stay in place when you try to roll up on them.

Both great suggestions - Thanks! I will try with the 2x8 first but I think I am going to need a second low profile floor jack

I was able to first jack up, centered on the crossmember, the front - then placed the two jack stands in the front, under the spring pans - then using the same jack at the rear, centered on the differential housing, jacked up the rear and placed jack stands under the axles - this was done without the newer style low profile jack - just use caution so car does not tip left or right when jacking if you are not centered - this was done on my 1986 V12 coupe.

That’s what I was thinking as well, what concerns me is the angle where the jack (or better the wood bar ) touches the rear IRS housing. Wouldn’t it slip?

I did not place the jack under the IRS cage, but through the cage so I was lifting on the diff housing - it sat fine in the jack saddle - if you want to lift on the cage, I would suggest at least using a 2 inch thick by 8 inch wide by 14 inches long - center the jack between the 14 and the 8 measurements and center the wood under the cage front to rear and left to right and then lift.

Got it -Thanks! Never thought of lifting on the diff housing, but seems like this is ok…

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Perhaps you could make something like this.

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Great idea. Thanks! I guess I now have several good starting points for my project…

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Hello Dave - how does this get used - is the jack head inside of the two pieces or does the two raised pieces go against the cage?

The two raised parts face up and protect the tie -plate structure. I have only used this once, when the cage had to be dropped. The XJ-SC has a ladder bar reinforcement under the axle, which is very useful if you have to jack up the car!

Hum, what sits in the space between the raised sides (just not understanding it yet I guess)?

Nothing! The tie plate is stamped out of a piece of fairly lightweight material, and it has flanges for strength. If someone rolls a floor jack under the car and starts to lift the car without some care, those flanges get bent up.

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Bang up the lumber. Climb under. Fit it under the center of the cage. You will see the logic.

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Best thing to remove and refit rear axle. Just saying…



Who makes that? Source?

Just Google “motorbike scissor lift”. You will find plenty…

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