Jag 3½ DHC LHD 1948 - restoration begins

The tinsmith and varnisher have finished their work and the real restoration begins.
Putting the car together and finding the missing parts will be a challenge. I already bought most of the missing parts (thanks Graham), but a few are still missing.
I will post photos showing the progress.


The seats are already waiting their turn.

It will be:
Ivory / Brown / Dark Sand Hood

I have read your comments in another forum and I have to re-paint my Rear Number Plate Lightbox back in black

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My Mark V has one of those Jaguar Cars labels.

We will be interested to see pictures of your LHD clutch and brake linkage. It is not well documented how it differs from RHD.

For now, I have no idea how to do it, but I will document the progress and share the photos.