Jag 3½ DHC LHD - elements of a folding roof

Dear co-lovers,
I miss two foldable roof arms.
My car currently ends with the hinge half shown in the attached photo:

Could you share photos of parts which I am missing?
Does anyone have such arms to offer?

Davenport Cars may be able to help.
Davenport Cars Ltd (@DavenportCars) / Twitter

Thanks. I Will check.

Could someone share some photos showing details of the folding roof arms?
Especially their attachment to the windshield frame?
Your support is urgently required, because I’ve got an offer but I cannot judge if it is complete.


Not sure of the MKIV details, but on the MKV DHC the cantrails (the wood that is above the door screen / window) there is a metal pin, like a barrel with a lock, that enters a hole on the top corner of the windscreen.

I’ll see if I can find some pics.


Thank you advance. Photo will be appreciated.


Here are some pics taken from the MKV DHC in the Ole Sommer Collection in Nærum, DK.

I hope they help.


Thanks a lot.


No problem, do you have the “Instruction Book” for the 2 1/2 LIire & 3 1/2 Litre Models?

If not, you should find some, or at least get the repro and/or CD/DVD from JHT.

I have an original one for the 1 1/2 Litre (1940 Model) and the scans in my old JHT CD are not that great. A snapshot here.


With marginally better photos.

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Slawek, maybe this can help

rgds, Polti

Very helpful indeed. Thanks a lot!

Thanks! I will get one.

The back part seems easy. But I’m still not sure what the front end looks like.
Do the marked items connect with each other? Is there any other pin/nipple still there? Do you have photos showing these items after installation? Fastened and unfastened? Thanks!

Slawek, herewith some pictures if you need others let me know
rgds Polti

Great photos, very helpful. Thank you!
What are the connections in the two marked places?
Merci / Bedankt!


here some pictures when unlocked and details of lock mechanism


Now I get it. Great photos.
Thank you very much for your commitment and help!

Thank you again. Thanks to the information from you, I was able to verify the offer. I ordered a set of roof elements which seem to be in a quite good condition and almost complete.
I hope you don’t mind that in a few weeks, when I receive the items I ordered, I will be back with you with any further questions.
It is great to see that you have the same car. What stage of renovation are you at?

Do you have photos of missing body elements?

As long as I see someone removed some body elements during a former (unsuccessful) renovation.
There should probably be body elements that are used, among others, for mounting the roof and seats.