Jag does not start after a quiet car ride

Hello everyone, it is a pleasure to be here with you.

I would like to make you a question, the fact is few days ago, I took the Jag and drove a quiet ride about one hour.

When I was to leave the car, I stop the engine to open the gate, 3 minutes after, when I tried to start it again, the car didn’t started.

Obviously, It had fuel, and I guess the battery filled during the ride.

Any idea what happened? why it worked fine in the beginning and after no?

Thank you so much and I will try learn of your knowledge.

I’m not the expert but as I learn my ‘new’ car I have had similar situations. When you say the car didn’t start do you mean it cranked but didn’t fire? Or do you mean it didn’t crank at all?

First one @jcs1968, the jag did the sound, but did not start, it seems something related with the battery, no knowing nothing about mechanics I guess it must would be charged during the ride… I am lost.

Gsus- you say it made the sound- was it the sound of the engine turning over or just the sound of the starter spinning? If just the starter I’d say your starter solenoid is sticking when hot. Common problem with these old starters. If the sound was the engine turning over then it is likely something electrical in the ignition system, or the fuel pump. Hard to diagnose without actually seeing the car.

It would be helpful to know what part of the world you are in.

50 cents on italy :blush:

If the starter cranks at the normal, usual speed the battery is probably good. Three minutes is not a long time and it should fire immediately. If it ran well before maybe the ignition switch had a malfunction or, hmm. Vapor lock after three minutes is not very likely is it?

After coming out of a years long hibernation, my Series 2 developed the bad habit of dying at the pump in gas stations. I then had to either let it sit there or push it to the side and wait for it to cool down for 30 to 40 minutes. It was definitely vapor lock formed in as long as it took to fill the tank. Other than drive the car, I did nothing to fix it. Like an errant teenager, it just grew out of it. I did wonder if there was some contaminant in the fuel (H2O?) that was the source of the problem but it wasn’t obvious.

I am from Spain sirs.

When I tried to start, the sound came from the starter engine, or I guess that; I know very little about mechanics.

Making memory, I installed (not I of course) a new alternator not long time ago.

Might be the starter motor spinning but not engaging . I used to tap mine with a piece of wood to loosen it up .

Your E type is equipped with certain gauges that keep you informed about the critical conditions: the road speed, engine speed, the water temperature, oil pressure, fuel level, time (at least twice a day) and charging system.

Did the starter motor turn the engine or not?
Did it spin freely and much faster than usual?

Who gets my 50 cents?