Jag Front Bezel

I have a front bezel that is in fairly decent condition but not sure which model Jag it belongs to. I have a '86 & '87 XJ6 and it does not fit them. Can you tell me which model it fits?
Also on the '86 XJ6, can you tell me where I can find the paint code on the auto?

Do a sideways view to check the ski slop angle. Looks like a manual or a J-Gate car. Show the back in case there are switch or lighter holes DIY veneered over?

No real reply yet regarding paint code or Bezel ID. Guess the bezel is not for a Jag. Sure has the same wood grain feature etc though. Thought sure is fit a Jag.

What do you expect?! Maybe xj40, and right front of engine bay, tag, three letters.

Attached is a picture of the decal with the paint code on my former 1987 XJ6 Vanden Plas. The decal is located near the upper door hinge on the driver’s size (left front) door in this LHD USA market vehicle. The decal on your 1986 should be in the same place in your car.


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