Jag Gurus in Los Angeles or Valley area

Have this Realm C type that needs some work and I am looking for a shop in the Los Angeles ca or Valley area that really knows these replicas… thx

Brakes, a small oil leak, and general going over. New build with 200 miles but has some issues.

thx a lot!

Hey Blair, Welcome to the forum. Almost e-mailed you yesterday (we met on Facebook)… Had a great drive on Mulholland.

Steve’s Jaguar in Canoga Park is THE place to go. He’s the man. Reasonable rates (all things considered), very honest, and most importantly, he know’s his stuff.

Busy shop so you have to make an appointment, but couldn’t recommend more.

Hi there!

I had met a guy at Pierce who said Thompson British Car in Nortridage also very bright. Any word on his shop as a 2nd choice?

thx m illion

I don’t know them, but I’m certainly not an authority. There’s also a guy in the Westlake/TO area who does amazing work. I met him at one of the British Car meets, but haven’t been to his shop.

Called Steves this morning. He he is out today His asst said they only work on REAL jags. I asked him to speak with Steve when he’s better


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If that was George, I’d recommend swinging by sometimes. Steve will likely take one look at the Realm and be fine with it. Will try and find the Westlake guy for you. He’s a little less of a traditionalist and does some pretty nifty fuel injection work.

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Harry moved his operation to Austin, TX.

I’m sure you’re thinking of him. He’s extremely knowledgeable (the EFI mention made me think of Harry).

His new company name is E Type America. Used to be West Coat E Type.

Best of luck.

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That’s exactly who I was thinking of. Met him at the British car meet a couple of years ago. I guess that’s why I haven’t heard back from him! Thanks!

Might be able to help
PM me please

So after a month of rain I get the car into the shop to do a few things BIG QUESTION IS

At highway speeds there is a good wheel shake. Had it aligned as there were no weights on any of the wheels

What else could be causing that vibration at 50 or above, please?


Wheels need balancing?

As above or tire damage…how old are they…could be ball joints. Wheel bearings. Upper lower wishbone mounts…steering mounts…etc etc… Steve

Had the wheels balanced yesterday… Helped a little… thx a lot

Im assuming you have wire wheels with spinners(knock offs)…most shops do not have the correct fittments to balence wire wheels correctly…although they will tell you they do becaus they dont understand the wire wheel hub…google balencing wire wheels…and check if your shop had the correct fitments…lots on the forum about it if you search balenceing wire wheels…Steve

Ok, going out on a limb here due to some non-believers, but this works………balancing beads!

Came across these things several years ago while still riding bikes. Got some, added to tires as directed, perfect balance.

Used them on the wife’s Mazda6 following a puncture repair, worked great!

Fast forward….had my wires balanced using the correct equipment. Ok but still got vibration. One week ago I added 2.5ozs of beads to each tire. Vibration gone!

Believe it or not but if the OP has problems and nothing shows up, go get the beads. YMMV.

Hi Les…i have no opinion on balance beads…i havent used them …if you have wire wheels balanced correctly with the correct wire wheel cones and weights fitted correctly then they will be balanced…the poster needs to look at his front end and asses what the problem is…Steve

Agreed, but if nothing comes to light, my suggestion just might work for him. But as mentioned, I agree, he should rectify any mechanical issues first.

I had a shake/vibration in the steering wheel of my E-Type at about 50 mph. Turned out the shims in the upper wishbone had come loose. If you are still looking for a shop, contact Dane at British European Auto in San Pedro, CA. Good luck, James.

Awesome. I’m in Austin and looking for a shop to work on a Heritage Engineering C Type.

There are two great shops in town but we need someone non-traditional since we’re open to fuel injection and a few other options to make the car more drive-able without having to fuss with the Webers.

Have you looked into Team CJ in Austin? While they certainly do an excellent job with originality, they seem up for interesting projects. Their work is excellent and very nice folks to deal with.

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