Jag Gurus in Los Angeles or Valley area

Hi Andrew

Harry Fulford 1 (805) 267-6795

Leasing expert on fuel injection. Jenvey send customers to him.in the USA.

Give him a call. Hopefully he can fit you in.

Best regards


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Hi Andrew…have you thought about SU carbs…very easy to tinker with yourself and look great…and were used on C type in period…Steve

thanks a lot!

Picking car up today after a bunch of littl projects

Keep you posted

Wake up to message from my tech who says “good pudle of oil under the car, bout a half a cup”. Here we go, down the rabbit hole. Called the guy who built the 4.3 for the builder of the realm and spoke with him. Sounds like a rear main. Please share how big a job this is and the reasonable cost. I have heard different takes on this job


Rear main is a complete engine out…crankshaft our etc…however it could just be the rear seal on the sump…and you need to be sure its not oil from rear camshaft feed pipes running down…Steve

Great! thanks for the heads up to look for. Stand by

Went to pick car up and foundi out the oil leak was not a issue as it was hose that had a bad clamp@ LUCKY ME!

There were a few issues after driving the car though

  1. The car was all over the road! It never had a tracking issue but he sent it to someonen to align or balance the wheels and they really messed it up bad! He said this guy did the toe in but may needs to adjust the camber?
  2. He had sent the tach to be rebuilt as it was stuck unless you tapped on the glass, today however it was bouncing non-stop. I said, WHat the hell? He said he thought it was due to electrical intermittent connection causing that. How did he think the car was even close to being completed?
    Thoughts please on these issues?
    thanks as always!

If someone is a “unbeliever,” then they don’t understand physics… :slight_smile:

I have also used them, and they do work well.

Any recollection what his name is? thx Having some issues getting this thing right!

Hey Blair, Sorry to hear you’re still having trouble getting things sorted. The guy I was thinking of moved out of state.

The only other suggestion I have is to reach out to Clive at XK’s Unlimited. They are in San Luis Obispo, but will come pick up the vehicle. He may know someone closer as well.

Wish you the best and hope to see you around the WH.