Jag into Jag xjc

I have acquired a 76 xjc12. It will cost a lot to make it presentable. I do not want to stuff a LS! into it.
My question is: Has anyone tried the xjr 5.0 into an older xj? A lump yes, but a Jag lump.
Its rainy here in the PNW. and winters are for dreaming.

Boy, I sure do second that. Crappy weather here today.
It sure sounds like it would be a really cool lump.
Well, there’s dreaming and then there’s nightmares.
Sounds like a whole bunch of obstacles to overcome.
I would be very impressed if I were to ever see one.
If you got a running one cheap and transferred the entire drivetrain with all the computers and sensors it might be “easier”.
There’s a recent thread about computers being the insurmountable object to keep a 50 year old car on the road. Probably won’t be much help from the manufacturers. Aftermarket drivetrains have come a long ways.
You could move to Alaska and have a longer winter to get it done.
Option 2 is an LS engine and never open the bonnet.

@600 would be the only person I can think of, who might have wise words.

I agree with the other poster: get a crate LS1, a 700R trans, and call it good.

Why would getting a fuel injected Chevy V8 be light years easier than a fuel injected Jag V8.? I am assuming the engine is based off of the mustang 5.0. Am I wrong there? It seems to me like the major difference would be physical dimensions of the engine tranny combo. Wiring in the donor computer/relays etc and as many sensors as minimally needed would be a pretty dream/nightmare either way I would hazard.
Is the LS1 family the preferred engine simply for the massive quantity of older camaro LS1s out there begging for a pretty body to be stuffed into?? Or are they the only engine family that can fit without building a new car?

The Jaguar 5.0l V8 has nothing to do with any engine put into a Mustang by Ford. No Jag engine was ever related to a Mustang motor.

LS engine aftermarket swap support dwarfs anything else, which is one big reason this is a common choice. With the Jaguar motors, you’ll have to either adapt the stock wiring, sensors, and ECU (good luck with that one) or do your own engine control system from scratch using aftermarket controllers, throwing out all the Jag stuff.

LS motors? GM itself sells ECU’s, harnesses and transmission controllers for aftermarket swaps, not to speak of dozens if not hundreds of other companies selling accessories and parts as well, filling in lots of gaps. There’s some Ford and Mopar stuff in the vein, not as much aftermarket for them but some. Jaguar aftermarket support? Zero. No tools even to reprogram or modify the ECU.

The LS motors, being pushrod motors and also having aluminum blocks, are lighter and more compact than most other modern V8s of comparable displacement. The Ford DOHC 32v V8s are considerably taller and bulkier due to the valve gear systems. Probably the Jag V8’s are comparable in bulk to the Ford 32v motors. So the LS motors fit in a lot of places other V8’s won’t.


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Thanks.Since Ford was running Jaguar and definitely had something to do with the s class engines I assumed they did as well with the xjr v8. Mustangs were running a supercharged v8 with the same displacements as the XJR . Too bad as it would bring in a better chance of a successful swap.