JAG JCNA Concours at Lafayette CA, 20 July 1977 (NOTE: set your machine to 10 points before reading!)


Hi all – I’m helping the JAGUAR ASSOCIATES GROUP of San Francisco in
posting the following information about JAG’s annual JAGUAR CLUBS OF NORTH
AMERICA Concours d’ Elegance, to be held 20 July 1997 at the 1997 Concours
d’ Elegance de Lafayette. For specific information, contact Bill McGraw,
Chief JUDGE, JAG, wlmcgraw@concentric.net or (415) 344-7140. To make the
entry form work, you have to set your machine at 10 points!

I strongly suggest printing this file (at least p/3, the entry form) out;
just send the form to:

100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 103
Lafayette, CA 94549****************************************************************************

Here’s your invitation to submit your car for consideration as an entrant in
the 1997 Concours d’Elegance de Lafayette - this year featuring Jaguar!
SUNDAY, JULY 20, 1997
8:00 to 10:00 a.m. Placement of cars on field
No cars will be placed after 10:00 a.m.
11:00 a.m. Judging begins
Owners must remain with their cars
3:00 p.m. Parade of Elegance Award Ceremony

Acalanes High School, 1200 Pleasant Hill Road,
Lafayette, CA 94549

Only cars in authentic condition will be accepted. Trailering of vehicles is
permitted; however, no trailers will be allowed on the Concours field. Displays
and illustrations, “For Sale,” or any other commercial signs are strictly
prohibited on the field, except in the trade area. For your convenience,
breakfast will be available after 8:00 a.m. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST CARRY A

Cars will be judged on interior, exterior, engine, and chassis, based on
authenticity, general appearance, care, and presentation according to San
Francisco Region Sports Car Club of America or Jaguar Clubs of North America,
Inc. standards and classes. The Committee reserves the right to reject any
automobile that does not meet the applicable minimum standards of either of
these organizations.

Any entrant may elect to have his car judged or entered for “Exhibit Only.”
Those being judged have field priority. Participants submitting exhibit-only
applications will not be judged under any circumstances.

Three beautiful trophies are available to be awarded in each class, and will
be awarded if cars meet minimum point standards. Also awarded: Best of Show;
Best of Marque; Honorary Judges; and People’s Choice. A dash plaque will be
given to all entrants.

Automobiles judged by the SCCA are eligible to earn points that will
accumulate towards participation awards given by the Northern California
Concours Tour Championship. The Point System is changed as follows: 100
points for each event entered plus additional points equal to the raw score
of each event. A new Class “Winner’s Circle’s” Award will be in place. The
class will consist of the previous year winners, e.g., 1st, 2nd, & 3rd in
American and Foreign classes. These six cars will compete this year for the
“Winner’s Circle” Championship, and will return to their regular class
competition next year.

Applications must be postmarked by June 30, 1997. Entries received after June 30
may be accepted as Exhibit Only. Classes are limited and may be divided.
Concours Field Automobile…$15.00
Registration postmarked by June 30, 1997
Post-Entry Fee…$25.00
Registration postmarked after June 30, 1997
Day of Show Fee…$50.00
Cars not registered, if accepted on day of Concours

Cars “For Sale” may be exhibited in the Trade Area for a $50.00 fee.


Youth (13 to 18)… $5.00
Children 12 and under (with paid adult)…Free

All entries must be accompanied by a photograph of the car, as it is necessary
for the committee’s evaluation and helpful in publicizing the event. If you
take your own photo, “pose” the vehicle against a contrasting, simple
background. If possible, have the license plate visible for identification
purposes. If you wish to have your photo returned, label the photo and
enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

This show is sanctioned by the San Francisco Region, Sports Car Club of

SCCA staff members for the 1997 event include:
Chief of Concours…Steve Miller
Chief Judge…Butch Wright
Chief of Scoring…Shirley Wright
Chief of Field…Anne Steele
Chief of Entries…Marilyn Salmi
Rules & Regulations…Mike Ostrov

Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc. officials include:
President…Pat Shasby
Chief Judge…Steve Gordon


Entry Form To Be Sent to:
100 Lafayette Circle, Suite 103
Lafayette, CA 94549

Class____ ____To be judged ___ Exhibit only ____ For Sale Car

Jaguar Classes: ___ Champion ____Driven


Address____________________________________ Phone___________________

City______________________________ State________ Zip__________________

Year_____________ Make______________________________________________

If Jaguar, car to be judged by: SCCA or Jaguar Clubs of North
America, Inc. (circle one)

Body Type-Model__________________________ No. of Cycls._________________

Car License Number_________________________ Car Color____________________

Will your car be trailered? Yes No (circle one)
Photo must accompany all entries. Cobra class must include a copy of

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: The undersigned, desiring to enter in the Concours
d’Elegance de Lafayette, does hereby tender his/her application. In
consideration of the acceptance by the sponsoring group, the Lafayette
Chamber of Commerce, and the sanctioning organizations, the Sports Car Club
of America and Jaguar Clubs of North America, Inc., the undersigned does
hereby agree to: release these sponsoring parties and other sponsoring
groups and
their members from any and all liability arising out of said event, and release
all other contestants and officials from any and all liability arising out of
said event.

I hereby warrant that the undersigned will personally read the rules and
under which said event will be conducted, and will abide by said rules and

Accepted on above terms and conditions by (please sign):



Entry Fee (postmarked on or before 6/30/97) $15.00 _______ FOR

Entry Fee (postmarked after 6/30/97) $25.00 _______
Car # ________ Date rec’d ________

Trade Area
$50.00 _______ Check # ________

Total Amount Enclosed $


Car No.___________ Award____________ Points________


Section I - Pre-1945 Imported
Class A Pre-1945 Cars

Section II - 1945 and Later Imported
Class B Sports Cars 1945 thru 1955
Class C Sports Cars 1956 thru 1975 - Under $5,000
Class D Sports Cars 1945 thru 1975 - Over $5,000 & Under $10,000
Class E Sports Cars 1945 thru 1975 - Over $10,000
Class F Passenger and Touring Cars 1945 thru 1955
Class G Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1975 - Under $7,000
Class H Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1975 - Under $14,000
Class I Passenger and Touring Cars 1956 thru 1975 - Over $14,000

Section III
Class J Horseless Carriages and Antiques

Section IV - United States Manufacture
Class K 1920 through 1927
Class L 1928 through 1934
Class M 1935 through 1942
Class N Classic Open and Closed
Class O 1945 through 1954
Class P 1955 through 1959
Class Q 1960 through 1975
Class R Studebaker
Class S Muscle Cars through 1975

Section V - Racing
Class T Retired & Active Race Cars
Class U High Performance AMX and Shelbys 1960 to 1969
Original Cars only. No kit cars. Cobras must provide a copy of their
registration with entry form.

Section VI Marque
Jaguar is the Marque Class, and will be judged by JCNA. See separate listings
that follow. Those entering Jaguars should designate whether they wish to be
judged by SCCA or JCNA.

Class V Alfa Romeo
V-1 1969 and earlier
V-2 1970 thru 1985

Class 1A Classics (Pre-XK engine) Touring & Open Two Seaters: Swallow,
SS & SS Jaguar
Class 1B Classics (Pre-XK engine) Drophead Coupes & Saloons: Swallow,
SS &SS Jaguar
Class 2 XK 120
Class 3 XK 140
Class 4 XK 150
Class 5 Series1 E-Types 1961 - 1967
Class 6 Series 1 1/2 E-Types 1967 - 1968 & Series I E-Types 1968 - 1971
Class 7 Series 3 E-Types 1971 - 1975
Class 8 Saloons: MK VII, MK VIIM, MK VIII, MK IX, MK 10, 420G, Majestic Majors
Class 9 Saloons: Mk1, 2.4 & 3.4, MK 2, 2.4, 3.4, 3.8L., 240, 340, 3.45. 3.85
and 420
Class 10 Saloons: Series I XJ6 & XJ12 1968 - 1973
Class 11 Saloons & Coupes: Series II XJ6 & XJ12 1974 - 1979
Class 12 Saloons: Series 3 XJ6 1979-87, XJ12 1979 -1992, Non-US XK12 thru 1992
Class 13 Saloons: XJ6 (XJ40) 1988 - 1994, Jaguar Sport XJR6 1989-n, and XJ6
(X300) 1995-on
Class 14 XJ-S 1976 - 1996, including H&E Convertible 1986 - 1988,
Jaguar Sport XJR-S, etc.
Class 15 Competition Jaguars
Class 16 Special Interest Jaguars and Replica (Jaguar powered) Vehicles
Class 17 XK8 (1996-on)
Class 18 Preservation Class
Class D1 All Classics (Pre-XK engine) and XK 120, XK 140, XK 150
Class D2 Series 1 E-Types (1961 thru 1967)
Class D3 Series 1 1/2 E-Types 1967 & 1968 and Series 2 E-Types (1968 thru
Class D4 Series 3 E-Types (1971 thru 1975)
Class D5 Saloons: Mks VII, VIII, IX, 10, Mk 1 2.4, 3.4L., Mk 2 2.4, 3.4,
3.8L., 3.4S, 3.8S, 420, 420G, Majestic Majors
Class D6 Saloons and Coupes: XJ6 and XJ12 Series I,II,III (1968 thru 1992)
Class D7 Saloons: XJ6 (XJ40) 1988 - 1994, JaguarSport 1989-on, XJ6 (X300)
Class D8 XJ-S 1976 thru 1996, H&E XJS convertible, JaguarSport variants, i.e.
XJR-S 1989 -1996
Class D9 XK8 (1996-on)
Please note: No other Jaguar types can enter in a Driven Division Class.