Jag Mark IV DHC LHD 1948 - windshield fixing

Dear co-lovers, your support is very much required.
How to fix the top of windshield frame to the body? Before I hand over the frame for welding and chrome plating, I need to know how it should be mounted to the body.
In the photos below you can see the windshield frame mounting element that I have.
What elements am I missing?
How is the frame attached to the body?
How does it move?
Any photo, dimensions, description will be much appreciated.

I am not familiar with the DHC, but the principles will be similar to the saloon.

You mentioned ‘welding’, but did not state where, maybe some local repairs but not the top corners. The top corners are left free to enable fitting of the glass. The top corner joints are made with a joining strip and 2BA countersunk screws. In your case this would be a right-angled piece of brass and may have been cast brass. The saloon windscreen frame halves are joined half way down the vertical sides with a flat strip with 4 screws each. Yours may have an extra screw on the side piece.

You are missing the hinges that are fitted to the body and which connect to the windscreen frame fixed brackets. These are critical dimensionally, and handed left and right, to enable the correct adjustment for the full swing of the ‘screen’, and are chr. plated.

I don’t know if you have boxes of bits that these parts might be lurking in but it would be a bonus. Someone with a DHC might be able to help with photos of the parts and more advice.


Thanks @Peter_Lloyd for your prompt reply!
Yes, welding is required only for some minor repairs.
“You are missing the hinges” - so it is what I expected. Would you have some photos of your hinges. They should be more or less the same as in DHC. I would like to know what to look for.

@Polti would you have some photos of the windshield hinges. I learned you got a lot of great photos.

Sorry two wrong pictures

Give me a few days for this. I think they are similar in principle but I suspect there might be a difference in how the hinges are fitted to the windscreen top rail. Your top rail shows a pair of holes on the vertical face, bridging a slot. This is quite different from the saloon. My spare parts manual lists all the necessary parts for the saloon windscreen, but omits the hinge components for the DHC. Not very helpful for doing a parts comparison.

I’ll look at getting photos soon.


Thanks. Looking forward.

Thank you very much @Polti! As always, great, very helpful photos.
And what about the hinges on the top edge of the frame? If I understood correctly, the elements shown in the photo below are attached to some special hinges.

… or maybe DHC does not have any additional hinges on the top of the frame? My windshield frame has been converted from a saloon frame. Maybe that’s why I got it with additional saloon elements?

No the DHC has a wind out windscreen just the same as in the saloon. Note the side catches and winding handle.



Slawek there are no hinges om the top frame, only the 2pins on the top hooks of the frame, these 2 pins fits in two holes of the chassis-frame ( on the rhd to fix with 2 screws) Rgds Polti

Thanks a lot Polti! It is clear for me now. When I saw your photos, I realized that the two top hinges I have are definitely from a saloon.

Sorry Peter, but they are not the same.

saloon windshield
DHC windshield has right angles at the top.
Saloon windshield has no corners.
The difficult question was how they are installed. Same or different? We found that different. See the above photos from Polti. Windshield in saloon has two large hinges on the top of the frame. Windshield in DHC has two pins on the corners.

Sorry, I only meant that the DHC also has an opening windscreen hinged at the top. I don’t know but I suspect that actual hinges are the same regardless of the straight or curved top edge.


This is the way the windscreen is attached to the hinges for the saloon. The hinge pieces are chromed on the leaf that connects to the ‘T’ bracket fixed to the windscreen, and the hidden leaf with the hinge pin is fixed to a small panel behind the covering trim. I’m not sure that this is any help as your top rail is quite different to the saloon’s and I do not know how the T bracket works for hingeing.

Thanks Peter! Your photos help a lot to understand how to fix in the saloon. However, thanks to the information from Polti, we know that DHC uses a different/simpler solution. Polti sent pictures of small hinges mounted in the corners of the windshield so I know how to proceed. Thanks a lot!