[jag-news-discussion] All Older Jags--Gasoline/Alcohol Fuel Info

Popular Mechanics February issue has an article entitled ‘‘Alcohol
Awareness’’ on Page 93. By Mark Allen.

No, I am not trying to promote the magazine, but this will be good
reading for U.S. owners of older Jags (and all cars), since
virtually all fuel in the U.S. (and probably Canada) contains a mix
of alcohol and gasoline. The mix known as E10 (10 percent alcohol)
is most common, but can vary. Plans to go to 20 percent alcohol are
being considered.

Issues with water separation, hard starting or running, octane
rating, trouble with gaskets or other rubber on older cars are
likely as a result of the alcohol mix.

Something called ‘‘phase separation’’ of alcohol can take place,
especially if the fuel is more than a few weeks old, the article
says. The alcohol drops out of the gasoline(petrol) mixture, and
any water goes to the bottom of the fuel tank. This can cause
engine performance problems, even mean draining the fuel tank.

Since the alcohol is used to raise the octane rating of the fuel,
such phase sepration lowers the octane of the remaining gas. An
argument for running premium at the pump, especially if pinging is

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