[jag-news-discussion] RE: [jag-news] [F1] Australian could become Jaguar Racing boss

So, instead of Ecclestone it was this Hogan guy who f*cked up the sport. All
sponsorship should be ruled out, then we can get back to proper racing
again. I wonder how long it will be untill we have a 1/4th TV screen
available for the race and the rest is for the sponsors. Yuck. And when will
cars get recognizable numbers again? Or is that space also too expensive…

Jack.> GrandPrix.Com say a low profile Australian recently named as a possible

successor to Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone is now tipped as the
head of Mark Webber’s Jaguar Racing team.

Hogan - about 60, originally from Sydney but long based in Switzerland -
oversaw cigarette brand Marlboro’s sponsorship in F1 for almost 30 years
until he retired last year.

F1 Racing magazine recently said that Hogan effectively “wrote the F1
sponsorship guidebook” following his earlier career as a PR man for

However, GrandPrix.Com said its “spies” had now told it Hogan was likely
to be named Jaguar Racing’s new sporting director, with responsibility for
“all commercial aspects” of the under-performing, Ford-owned team

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