Jag owner runs into a staffer at a car show

Reminds me of an encounter with two irate E-type owners at the big Oakville, Ontario Bronte Park British Car day after my ‘68 S1.5 took first place in the ‘61-‘68 E-type category. They objected to my retrofitted eared spinners and toggle switch dash, saying theirs’ were real Series 1s. I could only shrug and smile.

I wonder if they’ll be there next year when I show up with newly retrofitted glass covered headlights :sunglasses:


Nick, we are forgetting multigrade oils (please no, it’s really a well meant joke).

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Two years ago in a Rally, a fellow XK120 owner pointed out at all that was wrong with my car : 15" wheels (yes), a (beautiful) 1960’s Motolita wheel (now replaced, but possibly for an incorrect non-flat horn push, I really think my car, #XXX474, 10 to the last had a flat horn…). I really wonderd how can one be such a d?ck?d. In particular when he claimed that his car had FROM FACTORY, Borranis, dual XK140 exhausts, etc… no comment.

I have mostly found this in the Jaguar scene, don’t ask me why.

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Just two letters and a symbol can start fist fights and rip friendships asunder: K&N

I’m thankful I never encountered a rude or unruly entrant when I was judging.


Almost without exception, every British show that I was ever in, there was at least one of those Dick heads. It’s mainly why I have such a bad taste in my mouth about Concours.

I will never attend another one.

The group that was the most congenial and friendly?

The Mercedes boys.


Google protest activity there: all will come clear.

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28" rims maybe?

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We can only hope.

I wonder how the (not a gentleman) was behaving that led to him being asked to leave in the first place

In your case Nick, I can only advise to goad them into a duel, maybe challenge them to a fistfight, just insist it be on grass so when you knock them down they don’t crack their noggin on the concrete :rofl:

seriously though, using one’s vehicle as an offensive weapon is extremely serious, there is no excuse for it and if the person was injured, he should be jailed, and sued

Even if no injuries were done, he would expect a disqualification from driving, and if I was the adjudicator, I would order a strict driving competency test. which is mandatory in my State for drivers aged 85

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at least she wasn’t driving by the …seat of her pants…


The Villages is supposed to have the highest rate of STDs in the US….

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I reeeeeally wanted that to be true…:rofl:

lol. These are cities… the villages is … well more like a village. Or maybe combined with Orlando. Anyway… if not technically true, I think everyone gets the picture.

I must say he has a nice looking E type: nice panel gaps, looks to be in excellent shape. Wonder how long before we see it on BaT so he can pay his legal bills.


With a median age of almost 73, I wonder how they are getting and transmitting STDs. I looked up some demographics and if they do have a really high STD rate you can’t blame illegal aliens or minorities; the place is almost 98% old white people born in the U. S. The subject of Steppenwolf’s The Ostrich:

We’ll call you when you’re six years old
And drag you to the factory
To train your brain for eighteen years
With promise of security
But then you’re free
And forty years you waste to chase the dollar sign
So you may die in Florida
At the pleasant age of sixty nine

Apparently, he was angry because they would let him into the show.

…all together, about 115,000 souls. I think that qualifies…:wink:

Damn you Viagra. People that came of age before safe sex are once again able to engage in irresponsible promiscuity. There’s hope for me after all.


“Slight dent in lower rear valence. Will buff out.”



Well the concourse crowd would have loved our old club president and his MK1 that had been rattle can sprayed . It was always a race between his var and my ratty ‘66’ ‘S’ type as to who’s car was going to come last.
I always said I only entered because somebody had to be last. Then they changed the scoring and went to gold, silver and bronze. Took al the fun out of it😇