Jag owners in Spain

It’s been a long time. I was a subscriber and contributor to this forum back in 1995-2010, when I was living in Australia and owned a V12 XJ-S.

A lot of water under the bridge since then. I’m now living in Spain, and was wondering if there is anyone else on this list living in the Malaga/Granada region? I’m thinking of getting back into Jag ownership, probably a 6 cyl XJ-S, but first I thought I’d check on what support is out there. And if anyone knows of any Jag specialist mechanics in that area of Andalucia (a long shot, I know) that would be very useful info. For the jobs I can’t do myself (or to fix any damage I manage to do trying to repair things by myself!)

Cheers, Craig

Hi Craig,
I have sold an xjs (from florida) to Spain a few years ago. And a couple days ago,sold another xjs which will also be bound for Spain next week. I could tell you these cars look best on your roadways!

Hey James - thanks for letting me know. So there will be some XJS company on the roads! And I agree, those winding roads in Andalucia … gorgeous driving roads.

Cheers, Craig

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