Jag part number for lattice wheel center caps

(David Culgan) #1

My 1986 series 3 came with a set of “lattice” wheels, maybe a dealer changeout. Its my understanding they were standard or an option on the XJ-S of the same period. I am missing one of the center caps and there seems to be so many versions available. A supplier of used parts offered one, put the picture looked a bit different in the detail of the cat face, and the chrome surround. Would anybody be able to supply the Jaguar part number for this particular center cap. Its black with silver face.
Dave Culgan

(Bryan N) #2

Any of these?


(phillip keeter) #3

There seem to be many versions of these caps. Try e-bay. Lots of listings but be sure to get OEM and with all the clips.

(Paul M. Novak) #4

I agree with Phillip that looking on eBay is your best option for finding this particular center cap. There is an amazing variety of OEM and aftermarket styles in numerous colors sold that fit on a variety of Jaguar models over the years. Getting one that looks and fits exactly like yours should be relatively easy on eBay with their pictures but may be very difficult to find just by searching for a part number.


(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #5

Lattice wheels originaly came on XJ S cars. Mine came via a J-L lister, sans caps, but pristine. I four five on eBay. All black but one was green.

No clips, as I recall. but, pressed in from the back side of the wheel. Plastic not like the far more substantial caps used on the original Kents. So much so that I considered a way of using the Kent caps on the lattice wheels.
No luck in any that I felt secure enough to trust on the road…

They sure look good on my car…


(phillip keeter) #6

photos show how I have used the original Kent (mag style) wheel caps on my lattice wheels. The clips fit fairly tight but outside of the hub so I simply screwed them into the hub. Haven’t lost any yet.

(David Culgan) #7

Thanks for all the advice. I looked at several dozen styles on ebay and found a used one that looked just like mine. The seller described it as grey but it sure looked like a silver face on black background in the picture. Good condition, a little scuffed up, it should match the other three. If not, well it was only $13 including shipping. Now that I have the car back on the road having that cap missing had become intolerable, if you know what I mean.

(margo wynn) #8

I am looking to purchase front door hinge (upper and lower for an 1975 sedan. Where can I find them and how much is it.

(phillip keeter) #9

If you go to the top of this page and click on “Classified”, you may have better luck advertising your need under that heading as a “wanted” item. You will not find these as “new” parts. Many forum members have parts cars. Good luck.

(Carl Hutchins, Jr. ) #10

If you are in the USA, I’ve two sources for a good used part,

1 David Boger at everydayxj, Located in the Carolinas ! good guy and posts here at times.

  1. Jaguar Heaven. Circa Stockton, Ca.
    Bad memories of an event nearby ! Don’t ask…