Jag rear end grease access

(Doug kellogg) #1

How do I get the grease access cover off the rear outboard hub??

(motorcarman) #2

There should be a plastic ‘grommet’ removed to access the grease nipple (zerk).
You can loosen the clamp and rotate the cover and ‘line-up’ the grease point.

No real need to remove completely??


(Paul M. Novak) #3


What year and model Jaguar are you working on?


(David Jauch) #4

A 47 Ford? With XJ suspension. If it’s the ABS model it’s capped right? Or it has that weird hole you just fill with grease, doesn’t it, I’ll have a look.
Maybe it’s capped and you pry that off, I think so.

(Doug kellogg) #5

75-80 jag I replaced the bearings but should add extra grease?

(David Jauch) #6

The capped hole should be filled with grease, absolutely. The bearing replacement is supposed to be one of the harder operations with all the pressing out and in involved. Ideally completely fill the hole and you should be fine for a long while. The only area that needs really good attention is the grease fittings that lubricate the shafts of the suspension.

Bob was talking about the grease points for the axles, these U-joints have zerk fittings that are are hidden by a dust shield with a hole.

(motorcarman) #7

That is what I thought was the OP was asking about but I see that the question was about the HUB not the U Joint.