Jag restoration near Rochester?

So I have my ‘67 e-type ready for some restoration and recently heard of “Horsepower” restoration near Rochester with a good review from Jag owner, has anyone in CNY used them?

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I’ve never heard of Horsepower.
You might want to contact Mostly British at 315 649 2861
They have a trove of used Etype parts and I have had a good experience buying stuff from them. I understand they do restorations.


Harvey is correct with mostly British. Ask for Bob, good guy and very knowledgeable, give him a call…

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Name of “Horsepower” doesn’t instill confidence in me as British car restoration shop… something like “Fettle and Fettle” might be more appropriate. :wink:


Harvey, does MB do restoration or just sell parts/resell cars?

The guy that answers the phone said they do restorations. I was kind of just chatting with him to get a feel for what they did and he brought that up. I have no frame of reference as to their reputation, etc.

Mary, When you say your e type is read for ‘some restoration”, you should determine how much work is needed before selecting someone to do it. My experience is that many shops may say they do ‘restorations’ but not all are equipped to do them satisfactorily.

I have a restored e type and live in the Central New York area and would be pleased to talk to you about your car.


John, That would be great! The car is low mileage (23K) and its one owner kept up with engine work, it was driven up to about 2-3 years ago and has been stored since then. The paint needs to be redone and the driver’s door is off kilter (like a hinge needs tightening). I’d love to chat with you and see what you think. I live outside Syracuse. Best email is mcgrathm@upstate.edu. (I can send some photos or post them here).

Mary, if you are new to the restoration game, you might want to read this series of articles I prepared for our club newsletter, aimed at folks like you. The link below has the 1st four articles. If you like what you see, I have 4 follow on articles “in the can” which I can send you drafts via email. These get into paint options. Good luck. Harvey

“We don’t know what we don’t know!”

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Harvey, I’ll be eagerly awaiting your future articles. I greatly appreciate what you’ve done to this point.

Thank you so much, Harvey!
I wish I had the skills to do some of this myself…

Mary, we don’t all have the skills. One point of my articles is to help explain some of the things that require skill and hopefully get folks up to speed where at least they know the right questions to ask and can spot the BS.

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I live in Ontario New York and would be willing to look at your car sometime. I also noticed this.

That sounds great–the more expert eyes I can get on this car, the better I’ll feel about what is needed to get it road worthy. (also sent you a message, email is mcgrathm@upstate.edu) It is extraordinarily nice of all who are offering their experienced opinions, I really appreciate it!

With the help of this gang–none better on Planet Earth!–a few basic tools, and a decent garage space, you’d be amazed at how much you can learn to do.