Jag XK150 Gearbox

Hi. I am a new member today. I have an XK150 3.4 FHC LHD which was imported from USA to UK many years ago. I purchased it in UK in 2003 and we have only just started the restoration by a restorer in UK iwho will provide a restored rolling chassis. Eventually I will be moving the car to Malaysia where I will complete the body and trim. I have found that the gearbox installed is not the original. The Original Gearbox No was 8416-15 according to the Heritage Certificate which I understand was Automatic. The gearbox installed was JLS42191JS. I understand that this is a 4 speed manual which has overdrive and would like to know which type of car this may have come from if anyone has any ideas. I have seen other XK150’s advertised with similar gearbox nos.

You’ve posted to the wrong forum. This is for the X150 from 2006 - 2014 models.

You should post here; https://forums.jag-lovers.com/c/xk/28