Jagcare by Gregory Andrachuk

I don’t know if the very informative document is still around on Jag-Lovers worth a search for newer XJ members it is a mine of information.
If you can’t find anything I have a copy of Jagcare 3 it is old but the info is good.

Jagcare (and the oft forgotten FAQ section) are still with us :




Yes, that’s a very good one.
@gunnar It should mitigate to the new site, and be open to all for additions.

Migration of the old site to the new is an ongoing contribution to our bad conscience. It’s been our plan and intention to get it started and done, but there’s just not been the surplus time to do it and no ready-made systems to export and import. We really need someone technical enough to coordinate it and a few volunteers to do the actual work (basically copying and pasting).

You are doing a great job Nick, and we thank you all, I know how hideously time consuming these things are.
I have some basic knowledge and I would be happy to contribute to migrate the FAQ section.

Sadly the FAQs haven’t been touched in, I dunno, 10-15 years? There is much that could be added, and some existing material needs editing or perhaps removal. I think the last time any material was added was when Chuck Renner was the XJ admin

I’d be happy to help with content revisions…but I’m useless as far as actually posting material to the site.


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Hi Doug,
is Gregory Andrachuk still around?


Oh, yes !!! I see his posts on anther forum.


Good to hear this!
I wonder why dear @Dr_Gregory_Andrachuk has forgotten about us…

If you are useless Doug, what can the rest of us say …?

Hello friends: I am still alive and still have a garage full of Jaguars - but no more Series III cars. The current mistress is an F-Type (my wife knows all about her, and in fact, rather likes her). I have migrated to another forum simply because there is more traffic there for the newer models.


Good to hear from you Gregory ,I’m not so active on here these days I still have my S111 based Aristocat but my time is taken up with Local Historical Projects mainly Restoration of a Steam Engine House & Uniflow Steam engine in Hafod-Morfa Copperworks here in Swansea, South Wales.

Hi, this is to @Dr_Gregory_Andrachuk in reference to one of your posts. It is related to my problem with my Jaguar X-Type, 2007, 2.2D. The trunk won’t unlock from the key fob not from the push-button. I had some problems with the key-fob some time now, by that it does the locking of the doors only after 3-4 times of pushing the locking button and only by keeping it pressed longer time. Release worked better. Now, I came home, open the trunk and took of my things, shut-it down but not locking the car. After a while came and try to reopen-it from the button, it won’t open. I tried the key fob by locking-unlocking few time (all doors), but still won’t open.

If you can advise what can be the problem it’d be very nice. I have seen also in one of your posts that you have an invisible and simple modification that allows latch opening in the event of battery or latch failure and that you can also send it at a request. Could you also send it together with the advice on how to open the trink now? Is there anything with a fuse/relay or with the key fob (the doors work despite the problem I described above).
Looking forward to you kind reply

I anyone else could help with my problem, I’d be thankful to receive advise. Thanks

Steam Huh!!!

Check out You Tube. Jonathan Winans channel. Master of fixing junk using tools others abandoned as junk! latest an ancient Bayliss Corliss steam engine. A huge machine, but in derelict parts…He wants to return it to running condition. Last use, decades ago, as a power for a saw mill…
Carl .

I am absolutely ignorant as t your car.

But, my94 Jeep has a key fob. I rarely use it. Kind of a toy to me. An old school guy. A common key is just fine.

When it became contrary, I split it and installed two new batteries. In it’s case, coin type styled as medical units? needed again. naah, ain’t worth the cost. I might shop Amazon. Many odd batteries there at decent prices.


My brother pointed out that, once a car is a few years old, the paint is all scratched up around the keyholes. Either people miss with the key, or the other keys on the keychain ding it up. Hence, I never use the key, it’s always the fob to lock and unlock.

Durn, now I gotta look!!! Or fix the fob!!!

No fob for jag, too old…



You have two points here: 1) the electric latch is not being activated so you cannot open the trunk and 2) you want to be able to by-pass the electric latch and open the trunk latch manually in the event of electrical failure.

  1. this is the more immediate issue - you need access to the trunk. The failure of the latch mechanism is often caused by the wiring at the trunk lid hinge becoming damaged. But occasionally the problem is caused by low battery voltage - so the first thing is to make certain that the car battery is fully charged and also that the battery in the key fob is fresh. Do you have only one key fob? I do not have any suggestion at the moment about getting the trunk open if the latch cannot be accessed. Perhaps some one else can help.![

  2. this part is easier: I do not know where you are, but cars for Canada and the US were fitted with an interior (that is, interior to the trunk) handle to release the trunk lid manually - this is a safety issue in case children (or gangsters) find themselves locked in the trunk by accident or on purpose! Your car might have this handle (which is located on the trunk lid) - or it might not, if your car is European specification. In either case, you need to remove the black latch cover on the lid (very simple and obvious).

This will reveal the latch mechanism - if your car already has the release handle then the process is very easy: you attach a plastic cable tie (the kind that gangsters wrap around your wrists and ankles (!) to the cable or it can be attached to the latch lever itself. Pulling this plastic cable tie will then by-pass the electric solenoid and the trunk latch will open manually. Your now feed the plastic tie through one if the holes which already exist in the area of the license plate. The result is that you have now hidden behind the license plate an emergency release by means of that plastic cable tie.

Zip ties, cops use them as well, when more than one busted. cops only have one set of steel cuffs…

when a gangster gets locked in the boot/trunk, he is usually off to meet someone, probably down stairs…