Jaguar 1-17/32" (1.530") Exhaust Valves?

(Christopher Potempa) #1

Hello All –

Is there such a stock Jaguar valve in this face size? I’m not finding anything in my parts books. I ask because, upon removal of my cylinder head W5113-8 (late XK120), the titled sized is what all of my exhaust valves measure across their face. My parts book says they should be 1-7/16" (1.4375"). Later Jaguar models seemed to settle at 1-5/8" (1.625") as the standard. My machinist and self are puzzled as to where to go with this. Thanks.

(Jerry Mills) #2

Are you looking for new valves or just asking ?
Much more important for the valves to seal and sit properly on the seats.
Do they match ?
If you’re looking for new valves, i’m sure some lister on here knows.

(Christopher Potempa) #3

Yes, I might be looking for new valves but my machinist says he can go with the regular, later models 1-5/8" size instead. We were puzzled because we’d never seen an odd size like this before. Everything about the rest of the valves looks Jaguar too: stem length, collet profile, etc. I was thinking maybe the older guys here might have recalled a magazine article or book that would have mentioned this as being some sort of poor-man’s upgrade (in lieu of a C-type head) back in the day. Just a guess on my part. Why else would any one do this? New, stock exhaust valves then, as now, are certainly reasonable enough in price.