Jaguar 1947 Mark IV - License replacement letters and numbers

Can anyone suggest a source for Mark IV license letter/numbers? Interested in replacing existing with something clever.



If you are finding it difficult to locate original translucent characters for the rear number plate you might consider cheating like me and mount opaque characters on a black plate mounted to at the back of the light box.

To the casual glance it doesn’t look too different from the real thing and it is quite well illuminated at night by virtue of the light from the side lights falling on its front face.


A good start would be to advise what country you are in, as your ability/choice of special Number Plates varies country to country, and indeed within countries divided up into States/Provinces etc, also from State to State…

Second suggestion is that you advise correct date of manufacture of your car, or if you dont know that its CHASSIS NUMBER (that then allows date to be established), as indeed I have lost track of the number of number plates showing say MK IV 1947 (and such) on say a 1948 built car, with the subject line of this thread - JAGUAR 1947 Mark IV - License… suggesting a request from USA (Only USA says “License” for what other countries call Number/Registration plates), and the unliklihood of a Mark IV in USA actually being 1947, albeit possible as the first LHD Mark IVs were not made until Sept 1947, and then only a handful exported to USA new… BUT POSSIBLE of course, but still more likely to be a 1948 without advice of Chassis Number…

Hi Roger Thanks for your reply to my post. To your questions let me add - I am in California and I do have a California license plate on the car. I am seeking the plastic letters/numbers for the original license holder on the body. Thought something clever would go well with the car. From the other reply - I think I will be making them. Just thought there might be a source .


PS: Spent some time in Sydney afew years back, Port Douglas and Kangaroo Island - Terrific trip. Sad about the fires. Enjoyed my time at the Fortunes of War bar in Sydney. Friendly people.

These people in the UK make Licence / Registration plates in both satin alloy and white coated. They are not translucent but the light from the sides ought to provide enough illumination for them to be seen at night.


I would have to open up the box to check, but I recall seeing the name Hills - London on mine. The tail light bulbs provide a small amount of illumination behind the letters. I suppose I could put another bulb in the middle.

Moss Motors in Goleta CA offers a service making British style plates with anything you want on them; I have one that says JAGUAR, but I don’t think they offer the translucent plastic letters.