Jaguar 3.5ltr rear light Box

I find another part of my car is damaged, probably fixable given time and patience but its a shame.

The rear light box has both red lenses missing but I think I found a supplier for them:

But the sad part is 1 of the hinged lens ‘doors’ is completely missing apart from a broken piece of the hinge and I notice in photos that they are usually chromed so they must be separate - I can probably make a replacement from brass sheet but it would not be easy - can I buy one anywhere or has anyone successfully modified something else to suit?

Two of the registration digits have some pieces missing (I could probably glue the others back together) so I guess I join the crowd of people looking for specific digits at auto jumbles :frowning:

Thoughts on the light box hinged door would be appreciated.

Yes, chromed brass. Both mine were broken at the screw hole, but I was able to solder them.
Handle the glass lens with care. I dropped one from a height of under 1 foot and it broke.
D lens for reverse light

Sadly it’s the entire chrome lens holder door assembly that I need to buy or fabricate. To be honest The whole light box is bent out of shape too so I have a lot of work to do with the unit I have. I will keep my eyes open for a complete light box as I am pretty sure they were not Jaguar specific.

I found light box with chrome

lens holder at the Beaulieu auto jumble some years back. It appears that other British cars, (Alvis, Bentley) may have used the same Lucas style on some models.



Chris, I do have these spares, as you can see I have glass lenses as well. If you are interested you can contact me :
I’m living in Belgium


one of them the screw hole has to be repaired


Lovely Thankyou I will send an email to you.

That’s exactly the same break mine had, presumably from over-tightening by POs, solved with solder.

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