Jaguar 420 Body

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Description:420 what’s left of it No engine or transmission, was a 4 speed with overdrive. Not interested in selling any parts.

Asking price (if selling): $500
IMG_1376 (1) IMG_1371 !IMG_1370

Contact information:
send pm
Cost of shipping (if selling):
pickup in N/E Oklahoma
Willing to ship worldwide?
I would advise against it

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Whew!!! It’s not my old 420…:persevere:

If you part that out, you might make a lot more than $500.

“If you part that out, you might make a lot more than $500.”
That’s true; but with covid around and all the other things I have to do I’d be happy to find the right person that can make use of what’s left

With Covid…there’s shipping…:wink:

I’d be interested in the horn grilles and shifter cover.

Thanks for your interest; but I’m not interested in selling any parts

Understood. Can’t justify the travel for $500.00 parts car and would only want the items asked.
Good luck with the sale. Hope someone closer can snag it.

Things are warming up in Oklahoma spring is here. I’m still not interested in selling parts. Just the whole car. Though you would be welcome to buy and come and remove the parts you needed