Jaguar 420g Wheels

Apologies as this topic will have been discussed b4.

Am looking to put better quality tyres on my 420g - seems like it effectively has trailer tyres on it 195/R14, which are too Narrow and slightly too smaller diameter, and side walls seem to sag a heap even though the load rating seems to be fine + also seem to be very noisy. (At least that is where I think the noise is coming from so I want to upgrade and eliminate them at the same time. B4 I investigate diff or bearings etc.

From what I can understand the correct size tyre would be a 205/80/R14 of which basically they are not available unless you go for the Michellen XWX tyres which do not seem to be stocked locally anyway (Nz)

Can go up a tyre Size to 215/75/R14 which gives very close to the correct tyre diameter and opens up a few more options. Or go up to XJ6 style 15 inch wheels to give more options again.

Also important is looks - I have kind of decided that the standard 14 inch wheel looks best with a thin whitewall, the few pics I can see of the 15 inch chrome XJ6 wheels somehow do not look right at least on the computer but hard to say without seeing them in real life.

What are peoples thoughts on the best tyre wheel combo - I would like to go to the 215 width - I assume these will fit OK on the standard 14 inch Rims? and not cause any rub issues etc.
Is there any particular tyys people would recommend.

Out of interest would a Xj6/S Kent Alloy fit on the Hubs of the 420g - offset rights and stud length OK ?to accommodate the the alloy - I think they may look OK but cannot find any pics - 215/70/R15 gives the exact same original Diameter.

Any thoughts, ideas, discussion - pictures with example wheel combos would be appreciated.

Thanks - Shane

I would check that 215 tyres do not rub something full lock (by checking what clearance you have now)

I have 15" 205/65 XJ wheels on mine due to the tyre issue

I think there maybe other 14" options out there, as many owners still have the 14" wheels

Here in the states, there are VERY few options anymore for 14" tyres: the Rover has that size, and all I can really find is Uniroyal Tiger Paw 175/70s.

I have 205/70R14 whitewalls on my 1970 420G. Whitewall is slightly thicker than some, which I like. These were very inexpensive tyres.


Your 420G is looking a bit gorgeous. A lot of love and devotion is well evident.

Thank you! It looks a little different now. I got rid of that horrible tex side mirror and the wheels have been colour coded to the body. It’s had a new interior, wood has been restored. Currently restoring the engine bay so she’s without an engine right now. There was a lot of rust u der the heater box that I had to have repaired. Can’t wait to drive her again,


Look forward to seeing the updates.

She’ll be good for another 50 plus years.

Splendid car!
Cotswold Blue or something that you chose? I have a Renault blue on a very non original 140 DHC. I thought Jaguars Pastel Blue lacked punch.

It’s similar to Cotswold blue, not sure they used Cotswold blue in 1970, for the 420G it was just called light blue. I like it better than Cotswald blue. Jaguar paint codes are a nightmare.

This car has got the XJ S1 wheels, 15”, where the choice of tyres are much bigger. But I have orig wheels on 3 others and with the XWX 205 VR14, tge diameter is a bit larger!!!
Fantastic tyres😅

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On my car, I changed to 15" wheels from a 3.8S because they are the same width, retain the same hubcap, and I could get NOS ss rimbelishers for Mk2 to go with them. I wanted whitewalls and couldn’t find good options in the 14" tires. Mine are 205/70/R15 off the shelf from the local tire store (have to check brand), not terribly expensive. Overall tire height is about 3/4" taller than the 14s that came off. Spare fits fine in the boot.

Even though I already owned the wheels from a parts car, this wasn’t a cheap option, as these wheels required blasting and powdercoating. In addition, one turned out to be pretty bent, and I spent another $100 getting it straightened. I am satisfied with the results. The xj6 option might be cheaper if you don’t have to restore.

I share Tony’s concern about the 215s. Check carefully before you do it. The 205s are plenty of tire - you don’t need the extra width.

Looks great and virtually stock.