Jaguar Adjustable spacer

I need this Jaguar Adjustable spacer cbc950523 :face_with_spiral_eyes: But there isn’t anywere

SNG Barratt shows it as special order.

… InEurope? :unamused:

not sure, but…

The people that write the catalogs are generally clueless. I assume they mean rear wheel bearing ADJUSTMENT spacer.

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I wrote to Germany… it’s incredible if there isn’t…maybe if I know the diameter I could search something

sng is not responding, now what? does anyone have the technical specifications such as diameter? I’ll build it…

All the rear hub bearing spacers were SPECIAL ORDER and the dealer will NOT take back if you want to return it/them.

When I worked at the dealer I asked our parts dept if I ordered a range of sizes, could I return the unused? NO NO NO NO!!! (you order and buy them, they are YOURS)

This is the reason I buy a salvage part and use everything except the bearings if the aluminum hub is damaged. (I replace with new bearings)

The hub spacing and preload is already setup at the factory so just the bearings are needed.

If I am JUST replacing the bearings, then I use the original spacer and shim.

ok…now I understand, but I have now bought the parts to rebuild the hub… obviously I don’t have these spacers…but is it possible that there isn’t something adaptable on the market? you don’t have the diameter specifications to let me build it exactly?..basically I’m simulating a wheel that has exaggerated play. when we open it we will know exactly what is missing, even though I already know that this ring is not there.

it might be a day of two but I am rebuilding a LH rear now and I can measure the spacer I have. Not sure what material it is made from.

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The little ‘spacer/shim’ usually sticks to the bearing and is discarded.

After discovering the shim is missing, the opportunity to measure it is lost.

A dial indicator could help the get close to the correct size?

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Had you time to control this diameter?

OD 1.850 inches
ID 1.641 inches

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guys I need urgent help… the mechanic has the car on the bridge and has removed the hub. he has to rebuild it with all the components I got but he is having difficulty following the order in this section. Does anyone have any photos of the disassembled hub? or could you give us some directions? It seems like something is strange because the end nut doesn’t have enough room to screw on.

Perhaps he is installing the large center spacer ‘backwards’? (#5 in the diagram CAC5825)

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maybe yes…but can’t you find a real photo with the sequence of components?

If item 1 has been changed be aware that there can be a difference in the actual length from the inside to the taper, when I had a bearing spin I replaced that part from a 2nd hand unit and ended up having to turn the taper to allow the nut sufficient length to engage on the thread.

You can see the difference where the taper finishes in relation to the splines.

not in english but you can watch the steps…

Fantastic…I have a Russian wife :rofl:

It were this