Jaguar all in SADLy

This just in as Jaguar is not only going after ALL replicas it’s going after everything they consider a copyright including YOUR car on a poster for a car show!
Sadly this is what G M did before they went bankrupt as well

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Pretty sure this has no resemblance to what put GM in bankruptcy. I was there. Gm had invested too much money in too many plants building too many different models many of which were not profitable and in the downturn of 2008 they couldn’t sell enough pickup trucks and SUVs to make up the difference. So gm owed more money than they could generate.

Tom If you were there if you remember out of desperation GM went after everyone and everything
It was a sad time, Jaguar is doing the same
It’s showing they are grasping at straws.
Gm at Carlisle and Hershey would walk around with lawyers handing letters and stop orders to a guy selling a t shirt with a shark and saying it was a mako shark
Jaguar is not on the right page
Ps JGuar put gabillions into new platforms such as xe. Xf. And I pace
They are not paying off and came in WAY to late on the heritage restoration side

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Disgusting. Scratching the bottom of the barrel for whatever loose change their might be in it. They may be able to find a few coins but the goodwill of us old guys is out the window. I attended E-type 50 hosted by JLR and it was really nice. Lots of Jaguars showed up and we all had a great time, JLR brough in the XJ13 which I drooled over. Now it would appear that JLR is our foe.

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It’s sad and it’s a power grab
Philip”s credentials are second to none
If this keeps up,parts, pictures , t shirts and ANYTHING you are using or in the past is game
Just surprised that you go after your core customer as it shrinks everyday from death to no new offerings

I wonder if Jag Lovers are going to have to remove all the photos of Jags they use for the forum headers… :rage:


Ski that’s next
Hey look we wanted to do a 60th get together
Was going to make shirts and jackets as a participant
That’s all over…
I don’t think we need MORE headaches

Hi Joey,came way too late to take advantage of the Diesel boom in Europe and way too late bringing out an Suv!
Regards Gerry 62 Ots Canada.

@j_limongelli Joe - We need a heavy-weight like you to fight this for the little guy. :+1:

I agree 100 percent let a lot a 10 year old Xj
That just died
No one loves JGuar and it’s old friends more
But this team change will destroy the company
Wishing someone has common sense

Making calls
As Porter suggested on his note to all

DO IT :muscle:
Kick Ass Take Names


Another perspective is, if you’re buying new Jaguars, you’re part of their customer base.

If you restore your E-Type and putter around in it you’re not.

So the question becomes does the customer base care about the lawsuit?

(Note, I’m not condoning the behavior. I think it’s counterproductive and they will eventually lose the case.)

When I was active in JCNA and my local club, there was lots of friction between the company and the clubs. As I remember, JCNA’s president was a Jaguar employee until the early 90s when the company no longer wanted to spend money on the club, because the members drove old cars, and didn’t buy new ones.

And that’s the poke in the eye…
Your going after what’s left
Other than NEW suv mommies in the f pace
Since the xk8 or old xj8
There really is no loyalty
Remember 20,30 40 years ago Jaguar supported people making replicas and everything else

I hate to make the comparison, but fan clubs went through the same thing. To just pick one, whoever currently holds Elvis Presley’s name and image rights went after fan clubs that had been there for decades trying to monetize and control every use of Elvis’ image. Then they found that the fan clubs were integral to keeping interest in Elvis and his music alive, and they did it for free. The same thing applies here. What would Jaguar’s image be today were it not for the XKs and the E-Type? And who keeps interest in those cars alive and in the public eye? Companies spend big bucks on image advertising. Jaguar gets it for free from people like us. Jaguar should realize it is penny wise and pound foolish to restrict the promotion of its image by the enthusiast market. Even the replica manufacturers do their part to keep Jaguar in the public eye. Does anyone remember the last time they saw a real C or D Type on the road?


Agreed Bob 100 percent
For the record Ellie and I have renewed leases with a new Jaguar every three years when the lease is up over the last 20 years
Her last a F Pace, mine an XF Sportbrake
We both went to Land Rover
It’s just a better product Imho

Joey,. I’m sure you’re right about the desperation. I saw it as a symptom of a poorly managed business. Probably a matter of perspective from the trenches.

Jaguar Land Rover Figures That Quality Issues Cost Them 100,000 Sales Annually - Motor Illustrated

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John I agree but with a twist
Land Rover is typical
British, kookie buttons that no one would understand and tons of touch screens
BUT you forgive because the interior was Jaguar 20years ago!
Now Jaguar is not so special
Now my XF was flawless
The young people loved the look but the interior even though nice wasn’t special
Too much plastic where the Rover is still special
Gtjoey Imho

I was so close to buying an F face two months ago, just couldn’t do it, got a Genesis GV80 instead way better quality.
Jaguar is on the down slide as far as I’m concerned.

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