Jaguar Classics Tool Kit Acceptability

How is the new Jaguar Classics tool kit considered in concours competitions? Does it give a check-the-box “OK” or are there any deductions? Although I’d like to source a nice all-original took kit, if the Jaguar re-issue version is acceptable it seems a good (and cheaper) alternative.

Different Concours Rules in different countries, however all claim to assess ‘authenticity’…

Accordingly the Jaguar Classics Tool Kit, is an extremely poor effort at an authentic tool kit, despite their hype of referencing factory documentation. At a top level they claim that this one tool kit suits all 6 cylinder E-types, and that V12 E-types didnt have them. Factory documentation clearly shows different tool kits for 3.8 E-types, 4.2 E-types, Series 2 E-types and indeed V12 E-types, albeit USA market Series 1-1/2, Series 2 and V12 E-types did not get a tool-kit.

At a more detailed level, that you would expect any judge to assess if he hadn’t already dismissed these kits as total rubbish, not one tool included is ‘authentic’, some glaringly WRONG (Grease Gun, spanners, box spanners), others less glaring. Any concours/ authenticity judge that did not give these modern tool kits maximum deduction, clearly should not be judging authenticity.

Got to say, I find the initiative really strange - given all Jaguars resources they should have and could have done a LOT LOT better than this incredibly poor effort, especially given their claims of ‘authenticity’, and not just a quick buck profit making accessory they hope to palm of to those who know no better, or just dont care.

Given your extraordinary knowledge on the topic, I greatly appreciate your thoughts Roger. I’ve read through your articles in the E Type Magazine, a very impressive and thorough work. My interest is US only and the JCNA criteria, and from reading their judging guides it appears they may not get into the tool details as much I’d expect, but I don’t have any direct experience that backs that up.

I concur that it is a rather peculiar offering by Jaguar for all the reasons you indicate. It seems that the kit has one use only and that is for someone who needs a kit for showing. If one needs tools to use as tools, there are many options of far better quality and much cheaper. But for show purposes, the inaccuracies would seem to defeat the purpose. Some seemed so obvious that they’re glaring even to a neophyte like myself.

It seems best to just planning on spending more and sourcing a more accurate kit that aligns with my car. I just hope it doesn’t involve the level of effort and cost that a friend of a friend went through with his Ferrari 275. He spent well over $20k in the 1980’s buying numerous kits to assemble a complete and accurate kit for his car. Crazy.


A couple of comments.
As before, there is solid evidence that USA Market E-types no longer received any tool-kit/ roll from the very first 1968MY USA Federal Regulation cars, or what the JCNA ‘Model Year ‘68 E-type’ Judges’ Guide describe as Series 1.5 cars (noting Series 1-1/2 means something else outside JCNA), but they still did get all their Wheel Changing Equipment. I have described this in my E-TYPE MAGAZINE papers.

But from your tag it appears you have a 1965 4.2 OTS which did of course get the same full tool-kit/ roll as did all other market E-types, with no USA market exceptions, so you will know from my E-TYPE MAGAZINE papers what is original/authentic for your particular car.

But for JCNA Concours, can I suggest you best contact the authors of the JCNA Series 1 E-type Judge’s Guide, and see what their current policy/ practice position is re Tool Kits for Series 1 E-types. My version of this guide is the 7th revision of September 2009, so unlikely to be up-to-date.

But in the mean time, see attached photo - this is my original Tool Kit that came with my June 1966 4.2 OTS, which with a few minor variations will be very similar/close to what you would have received with your 1965 OTS… (depending on month in 1965)

Try comparing an original, with the Jaguar Classic’s offering - chalk and cheese!


Great information Roger - thanks for taking your time.

My OTS was built in Dec 1964 so I can take the info from your articles and compile a list of exactly what the kit should look like, and begin my search. I enjoy making the little details correct when I do projects (on the car or other things) as it’s part of the pride of workmanship, so your comments have made me better realize I should certainly do the same in finding a kit. Same with the jack and documentation.

Let the hunt begin!