Jaguar Clock Repair

The phone number (906) -307-0246 for Jaguar Clock no longer works.
Is Mike Eck no longer in this business?

Since this is a general question, should I also post it in another section of this Forum?

Can anyone advise if my clock does not work, is there still any possible electrical draw from it while car sits?

John, disconnect the battery earth lead and insert a DVM set to amps between the battery post and the earth lead and see if there is any draw on the battery, if there is disconnect the clock and see if there is any difference.
BTW I don’t think there will be any draw from a clock thats not working.
I just had to do this with my XJR to determine why my battery went flat. My car obviously has computers and they draw a small amount of power even with the car ‘asleep’ in my case it was 33mA turns out it was the camera hadn’t turned off and over a few days ran the battery down.

I checked and I do have about .6 amp draw from somewhere.
Have not checked the clock connection yet. Does it have a wire one can just disconnect to it?
Thought it was my glove box light, but locked the box door to insure all off there which it is now, but still have some mysterious draw.
Cannot find anything else that might be the culprit, can only think of clock that does not work.
Any other suggestions as to what it might be?
No other lights are on.

John it depends the year car…If its old There shouldn’t be.
If its modern there are relay sheds and drop zones for brains that remember everything, settings and all.
For the original question, try to quartz the clock, it will draw 1 tenth the power and last forever. Someone well know still restores them original. I have no clue why they were junk new and will only last awhile.

No idea, have you tried pulling fuses to see if the draw drops?

That’s a lot of current. It will drain a fully charged battery in a couple of days. I’m no expert on the clocks, but I suppose that, if the points are permanently closed, it might draw 0.6 amps. In a functional clock, the points are closed for a fraction of a second (to wind the clock), not continuously. The power consumed would be about 10 watts. If that power dissipation were continuous, I would think that the heat generated would fry the clock’s small solenoid coil, thereby eliminating the drain.

As already suggested, disconnect the clock; but be prepared for the drain to be coming from something else. I once had a boot light permanently on, for example. IMHO.

It is a 1960 Mk2, so with key off no draw should occur. It has been converted to negative ground and has an alternator now, know that conversion to negative toasts the clock, so maybe that could be it?
Will check that out. Is there a separate fuse for the clock I can pull?
Or what is best way to disable the clock?

Folks… back to the OP’s request: anyone have any info on contacting Mike Eck?

to a similar question a few months ago, someone said words to the effect he was moving and things would be slow.

I suggest you click on his name on this list and send him a PM…a lot of people have it set up so that an email gets generated as well

Here is his website:

There may be contact info there.

I still get to use my computer once in a while, but not daily. To answer some questions, the clock in a 1960 MK2 is insensitive to polarity, as are all Smiths clocks made before May of 1963. If the points were stuck closed it would pull no more than .014 Amps, so your .6A is going somewhere else. Smiths clocks don’t wind. There is no fuse for the clock, but they often have a bullet plug in the wire 2" from the clock. As I’m sure everyone knows, I can make your clock run with quartz accuracy while keeping all the original parts. My new email is eckmichael (at) comcast (dot) net. To track down your draw, don’t forget to try disconnecting your alternator from the battery. Sometimes they fail that way.

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I can attest to the “quartz accuracy:”

Mike’s rebuild of my Rover’s Kienzle clock runs for 4-6 months, in cold winter months, doesn’t draw down the battery, and maintains better than minute per month accuracy.

Only way to go…

X3 on Mike’s work. I cannot recall the last time I had to adjust the clock in mine.

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Hi Mike,

I emailed you a week ago, but have not heard back from you yet.

Lowell Brown

At one time you could access the clock repair through the Cool Cat website. Is this option no longer available?

He is moving, and said he does not check his computer often.

Can someone give me the way to remove the clock? What is easiest way to remove the tach to get to the clock? Never done it on a Mk2, E is easy.

I forgot yours is a little clock in the tach?
If so the tach comes out
You have to twist off the front glass
Undo the two screws in the back push forward and behind the unit is two screws
Easy but takes patience
Good luck