Jaguar Coventry wax stamp

Treasure or trash?
Came across this recently.
It appears to be reasonable old.
It comes in a dedicated box.
It is heavy for the size which one would expect to form the stamp.
Problem is it produces a backwards stamp?
Anyone seen one or know anything about it good or bad.?
Regards, Graham

Would that be a bottle stopper? I believe it is.

No means of seal for a bottle and is heavy for a reason I believe

Having said that the black stripe you can see is a rubber ring

I’ve got a few non-car related ones that I picked up at various trade shows over the years. They are all heavy, I assumed to keep the bubbly, well, bubbly.

I think you are absolutely right.
I just tried it in a bottle and yes it fits and seals and the weight keeps it sealed.
Thanks very much. :grin: