Jaguar dealer in Winnipeg in 1959?

Does anyone here on the forum know who the Jaguar dealer was in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1959?
It’s a long shot I know but thought I’d give it a try.
Here’s why.
My Mk1 came from there and was fitted with a block heater (still in the car). The car also has a square plastic Trico window washer bottle. I think that these were dealer fitted option in that cold climate (a glass bottle would not likely have survived).
I would love to be able confirm that these were standard “dealer fitted” options.

P.s. I know of a MkIX owner with a Winnipeg car that was similarly fitted but have no original sales slips.


My September 1959 pamphlet, “Jaguar Sales and Service Centers in North and Central America” lists the Winnipeg dealer as:

Motor Sales Limited
Donald & York Streets

A block heater was a factory part for series 1 xj6. Could be fitted by the dealer of course.