Jaguar E-Type parts, Series I & II, ALL MUST GO!

(Include at least one picture)

Series 2 bonnet nearly complete missing the underpan. I have N.O.S. air damns, and headlight panels., extra fender, As well as chrome, sidelights,etc. $4,500.00 for all.

MANY Series 2 parts available, 2+2 and coupe.

Series 1 E- Type bonnet componets, $1,500.00 FOR ALL

Series 1 & 2 E- Type rear hatches 1 tinted not heated $350.00, 1 Tinted and Heated $450.00. MUCH, MUCH More AVALBLE, Please let me know your needs, Jim.

Description: AS Above

Asking price (if selling): As Above

Location: Northwest Indiana

Contact information: Please PM

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD

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Hi, I have a Series 1 4.2 that needs some sheet metal. Do you have a complete driver’s floor, a trunk floor, a drivers side door skin ? Also would you sell the Series 1 front valence shown in one of your pictures?* Shipping would be to WA 98230.
Cheers, Hugh

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I can’t tell from the pics, but I’m looking for a boot lid and radio console for a SII OTS with AC

Hello, Very sorry but I do not have any OTS Parts available. I do have a lot of Series 1&2 Coupe and 2+2 still available. I might even start on my 3.8L collection soon, Thank You, Jim.

Hi James, do you have any clean rust free series one coupe doors, (NOT 2+2)

Garth, Sorry all coupe doors are gone, I do have a pair of '69 2+2 doors available in case someone else reading this needs a set, Jim.

Thanks for your response and have a great day :pray:t5:

Hi James do you have the parcel trays that go under the dash foe 2+2’s?

Do you have shoulder belt mount bolts? ( thin head, domed)

If you have any of these I also would be interested. Please PM me if you do.

Dan, I do have them in original used condition, not perfect but very usable for a driver. I’ll take $40.00 for the pair plus shipping. Let me know, Thank You, Jim.

Pictures are not real clear due to the lighting conditions, they are not broken up.

Hello, I do have these available, please see the pictures and let me know what you think. I am thinking $10.00 each, Thank You, Jim.

Sorry they are not the best pictures, there is also available 4 seat rail slider posts if anyone needs them.

Do you have a fuel filter with or without the glass bowl?

Fred, I do have a few of them available in case someone else reading this needs 1 as well. I’ll take $50.00, this is shipping included U.S. lower 48. I just saw 1 on ebay for $95 plus shipping. Please let me know, Jim.

I just found mine. I thought it was lost at the platers.

I will let you know if I need anything else.



Do you have a good passenger side (usa) front fender for a ser 1 (1967) ? May need a center hood panel also but shipping may be prohibitive?

Hello, I do have a right front fender (left side also), it is Not Perfect but very workable. along the seam where the inner panels attach there is a small section that needs to be fixed. It would be hid by the mounting flange when fixed. See Pics, I am selling out of ALL MY JAGUAR Stuff, I will be willing to take $375.00 plus shipping. Please let me know, Jim.

Could you post clear pics of those bolts? Are they for seat/shoulder belt?

Any details on the steering wheel in the first pic? Looks like a thicker than standard rim?

Brandon, It is a 16" wheel, using calipers I get where there are no indentations for fingers it is 1.020, where the fingers go it is .900. Hope that this helps you, Jim.