Jaguar further reducing the lineup

Thank goodness he’s gone. I’m not sure if he’s left much to be saved, but at least it gives me a glimmer of hope.

I imagine the news of the production reduction will mostly affect Land Rover and not so much Jaguar. Based on the article, I only saw it mention the F-Pace. Its hard to cut back production of something that is barely being produced in the first place.

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It is sad to see a brand disappear, but the landscape is filled with the bodies of car manufacturers that went out of business. Here in America, there are many brands that are gone from the Big Three with a high likelihood of more to follow. This latest idea of electric cars being the solution to imagined problems will be something to watch. You just have to be glad to have lived in the golden age of the automobile, or not.

How many brands did Jaguar themselves put out of business when they were at their peak?