Jaguar Getrag 265 4 speed gearbox

(Include at least one picture)Looking for a Jaguar Getrag 265 4 speed gearbox complete or a gearbox for parts. I need the internal plastic speedometer gear that links to the external speedo drive to operate the speedometer on my euro XJ-SC 3.6L. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated!


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Getrag 265 was also used by BMW. Try Metric Mechanic:

I may have an old worn out helical gear from my former conversion when I needed to do the same repair. The old one might be enough to 3D a replacement, but you presumably already have your own worn part?

They show up on Ebay fairly regularly / more so than the actual transmissions, as the 265 pool is drying up quickly.

Thanks Jeff
I have the external unit pictured. I require the internal mate inside the gearbox. I’ll query that part supplier to see if they have one

Hi Peter,
I have been thinking that may be the only way to resolve my problem. Is the worn helical gear mentioned the speedo gear I am searching? If so i would gladly purchase it from you. We left my gearbox intact so
i could at least drive the car to the show field until the issue is resolved.

I was referring to the gear in Jeff’s picture. I believe the mating helix on the output shaft is steel, being secured by axial clamping, or it was on my ‘short’ 265 SWB E-Type conversion. The long tail version has a sliding yoke as I recall and I’ve only ever sold them, not opened them.

The soft/hard mix is like the oil pump and distributor drive on the XK engine. The hard helical driving part is meant to last the life of the engine and is only accessible during stripdown. The soft sacrificial driven pinion can be more easily replaced. I’ve never seen a drive with two nylon gears.

Are you certain the internal driving gear is nylon? If yourcdriven pinion is chewed it was damaged by a hard helix which is probably fine - IMO.