Jaguar is recreating two of the world’s most famous E-Types

Jaguar is recreating two of the world’s most famous E-Types

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Jaguar is way to late to the party!
Aston and all the rest have been resting on the past and now the money has dried up.
It wouldhave been a huge hit for the 50th.
Now I dont think so…will they be able to register? are they street legal as a new car?
Jaguar buyers are more frugal , The whole Aston thing is falling apart, recreation db’s are now stale in dealers show rooms.
Wish Jaguar luck, but this time past long ago.

That’s great!! Lovely to keep the past alive and younger generations equally inspired.

They are starting with existing, registered cars, not building entirely new. They are “restoring” them, if you can call it that, to the specification of the 2 Geneva auto show cars.

Oh so they are knock offs using old cars…Etypes along with all classics are starting the painful decline until the gas is turned off.
The prices overall are 25 to 40 percent below what they were.
What will be the price for these cars which have no special add ons or rare options compared to any other etype?
A sticker that say 9600?
If you told me 200 grand a car after restoration, FOR ME, Its okay and its done, ill get a loan but for the average jauguar owner, they will never get into this.
Just my two cents

Joey, I think you have to buy a pair and that’s £600,000 thank you

We have 3 threads on this…Is 600,000 pounds the number? For the two?
My issue is, WHATS THE POINT?
I can find an early 3.8 and put a 9600 hp sticker on it?
I dont get it. at 300 grand restored , THATS NEAT FOR 1, why would I need two?
3,8, bellows brakes, positive ground, crappy seats and no syncro first gear?