Jaguar Ivory - got a sample

I’m a safari to find the perfect color. OEW or Cream. I was pointed towards TCPs library. I found the Jag color chart and ordered a jug of what used to be called Ivory. I would not think of this color as being Ivory. This can’t be one of those “Ivory, Cream, Old English White - they all look the same” deals. This is nothing like the OEW I put on my E in '74.

My current E has Lt. Primrose Yellow and this is more yellow yet!!

I was hoping the color chip had yellowed with time.

Outdoors on the driveway.

I thought going on Safari for Ivory and Jaguars was frowned upon these days?..

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…nyuk nyuk.


Yeah, that’s too yellow.
Here is an example of 1938 Ivory.
And another sample on the same car.

… the hunt continues.

I’d like to find the OEW I used in 1974. I’m gonna have to hit the paint shop and browse the books.

Hi Mitchell,

Lots of info in web about OEW, a common colour on many different British cars. Take a look at as a starting point.


Thanks. There are 3 modern references, you’d think…

How I determined the colour of the last car I painted in a cream, ivory, OEW was to wander around the car yards until I found a colour I liked, noted the make & model & then went to the paint store with the info. Obviously it wasn’t a Jaguar factory colour but a Mazda RX7 colour called Formula White, not to white not to cream, very happy with the colour.

I think @L.Lynn 's new/old EType, MIK, was painted OEW.

I knew I wanted an ivory color when my 120 was painted 29 years ago. I loved the color of the old white wall tires that were on my car so I found a color to match.

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Found this thread that includes a paint code:


Hi Paul,
Not and expert at all but didn’t they call it Cream in '63-64? Very close to the OEW on my '73 but just a tad bit darker.

Here is a sample of Cream that I painted my XK140 with, It was very close to the original Cream I found on the car.
Ivory is a bit more yellow, as seen In the photos.
You could see Glasurits Classic Car paint formula for Cream, its also on the lid in the middle between the paint chips.

Looks VERY similar to the cream I used to paint the Auburn with.

In an old colorant book (not automotive) there was a formula for cream paint…white. .yellow. …red…and black…in various combinations. …the red is what fooled me.

Yea: the cream we used on the Auburn had a shot of black in it!