Jaguar/Land Rover does not have a chance in the US!

My “Certified” F type with 12K miles purchased earlier this month will have spent half of its time at the dealer by the time it gets back to me. When I purchased car it already had a weak battery that they thought just needed charging. By the time I drove home, the “low battery” light is on. Last Thursday had appt. with a local dealer and notified me battery was replaced .
Other complaints I had were all deemed normal?? When car was dropped off I said top door hinge needs to be replaced, they waited until today to order hinge and in a few days after it arrives it will be taken to the body shop for installation. I assume the will also paint hinge to match body color?
This is not good customer service, and just hanging around dealership you hear similar stories over and over. My wife wants a new Jaguar XE, there is no way I would purchase a new Jaguar. Will try to convince her to test drive a new Acura or even an Afa Romeo. My Alfa 4C purchased used gets first-class treatment by a local dealer and they are known for the most part to be terrible in support. They have fixed things for free that were not covered by warranty. A couple of weeks ago the whole leather dash was replaced under warranty because of a slight lifting of leather in one small area. I think that would be considered normal by Jaguar? Did some research on the quality of work done by local Jaguar dealers and customer service, it stinks. This is reflected by the number of cars purchased back by Jaguar under California lemon laws. I guess I will have to deal with these clowns until the warranty is up. I try to do as much work on my own on the E and XK8 but the F is out of my abilities for the most part and may be out of the range for the dealers also.
I had asked if they will turn the rotors on my dime? They don’t have the equipment, only replace with new.

Shocking to say the least.
My bad experience with my local dealer is down to the service rep, who’s a jerk - to be polite. I think the mechanics are ok, but with a service rep full of BS and himself I opt to go elsewhere.
The end result for me is that I’ll use a local shop with jaguar trained mechanics but not part of the Jaguar corporation.

If a current Alfa Romeo is more reliable than a current Jag, then Jaguar is in dire straits. (though the 4C is probably not a complex car compared to the regular car lineup, and I think you’re talking more about customer support than quality itself.)

I don’t know why mediocre reliability seems to be baked into the Jaguar heritage. Independent, Ford, Tata - it’s all similar though to be fair, Ford solved almost all of the assembly issues. The issues that remain are design and engineering choices. I feel these are Jaguar-sourced, not the result of external influences. (just like their brethren Land Rover.)

As for the dealer quality, maybe Tata has looser reins than Ford? I believe Tata made the dealers invest big money into fancy dealership facilities, but perhaps in compensation they give them looser rein to make money? (no proof of this, just a theory.)

I do know Tata has been trying to squelch competition in the servicing arena by making tools and technical data very hard to get for non-official dealers, and you know what tends to happen when you have a monopoly…


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