Jaguar mark 2 3.4 distributor

hi I own a 1964 jaguar mk2 3.4 it does not have a distributor on it but I do have one off a 420 g would it be compatable .

I would have thought so , I have a 240 dis on my 3.4 XJ6 engine , so the hole is the same size , would have thought they are the same size on all XK blocks !

Or try a complete dis from 123 ignition ( you can get them in POS or NEG earth. )
I got the on all my 3 Jags,

Peter Jan

it should start and run the car, but the advance curve and vacuum probably wont be the same

Cheers lads you have made my day.

Here’s some distributors specifics cut from service book.

distributors.pdf (437.3 KB)