Jaguar Mark IV DHC - air cleaner, manofolds?

Dear colleagues, I am a new owner of Jaguar Mark IV DHC LHD 1948 and I am going to start renovation a.s.a.p.
Youer technical expertise is required:

  1. Air cleaner (I also heard the name intake silencer):
  • on some photos I see one on the top (seems to be quite typical for British cars from this period)
  • on other photos I see two air cleaners below the carburetors.
    Which solution is right (I have both)?
  1. I have a problem with buying exhaust manifolds. I can’t find them anywhere. Can you advise if the same manifolds were also used in other cars?

Welcome to the fun.
First off, we need to know whether the car is left hand or right hand steering.
Right hand drive had the two air cleaners below the carbs.
Left hand drive had the one big air cleaner above the carbs.
Next, is the engine 1-1/2, 2-1/2, or 3-1/2 Litre?
The exhaust manifolds are different for all three engines.

Thank you Rob for your prompt reply!
Left hand steering (LHD); engine 3-1/2 Litre.

Are you able to post some photo’s of the car, especially the motor? I’m guessing that you have other parts missing?


As it’s LHD you need the “air silencer” that sits on top of the rocker cover and a manifold from the carbs to it (an aluminium casting).

Btw you have the rocker cover facing the wrong way, the oil filler cap should be closer to the back of the engine, not the front like on XK engines.


Hi Pekka,
Thanks a lot Pekka!
Happy New Year!

Looks good!

What’s the rest of the rest of the car look like?

If you were able to put together a list of the parts you think you are missing then people will be able to help, I’m sure. For instance, the exhaust manifold are the same on a MKIV as a MKV which might make them easier for you to find.


Thank you Timothy,
good point, I will make a list of missing parts.
Healthy and Happy New Year!

Is there any supplier for the manifold studs? I have several manifold sets to do including a few rough jobs where some studs have been welded or brazed in. Also, I’ve heard it is better to go stainless steel to eliminate the rust seizure of the nut. Has anyone any experience with this application using steel and brass nuts?

Motalia ( manufacture Stainless Steel BSF studs (and nuts and bolts) in a variety of lengths.

I have stainless steel studs and lock washers and bronze nuts on my XK120, and have been happy with that, having removed and reinstalled them a couple of times. I made the studs myself by cutting some threaded rod stock.

Thanks gents. I was considering the threaded rod route for simplicity. The Motalia ones are symmetrically threaded whereas the correct ones need the blank centre section offset to provide the extra length for the flange, gasket and nut, and to not have excess thread projecting through the manifold flange. I might contact them to see if they can do a modified version.

Do they look like these? I think they are the same in the head?

3/8" BSF. I bought these from a Land Rover dealer in Bayswater, Melbourne.

Graham helped me with the manifolds but there is a list of other missing parts for my Jaguar 3 ½ 1948 DHC LHD:

  • window lift - right door
  • two folding side window frames (I have only two and I need four)
  • windshield frame (if I’m right the windshield in saloon version is different)
  • crank out windshield mechanism and handle
  • tool box
  • dashboard ashtray (I have only one)
  • doors for glove compartments (all my wood is in a good condition but I miss both doors)
  • the inner parts of the engine compartment closures (bonet lock/hook)
    Thank you in advence for any hel por advice.

I may be very late with this message, however if you are still after a Jaguar SS 3.5ltr logo/ emblem. I have exactly the same 1. I’ve got no idea what it’s worth but throw a offer


Hi Glenn,
Thank you for contacting me, but that’s not what I’m looking for.
You have a pre-war SS 3 1/2 badge and the Mark IV needs a post-war Jaguar 3 1/2 badge (no SS letters).

Best regards
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