Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 Automatic wiring nightmare


Hello, hope someone can help, I am trying to figure out the wiring on My 1964 Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 Automatic, someone has messed with wires everywhere, I have various wiring diagrams and still struggling, I am currently working on the centre dash gauge area, I have figured out most of the wires but have some left over and don’t seem to have enough for other things, does anyone have any good close up pictures of the centre gauge panel area so I can possibly see and work out my wiring, regards Paul.

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #2

Hi Paul. Several of us put this thread together in '17. Hope it helps. Please let us know where you are - maybe someone is close by. Paul

(Jason Durno) #3

Hi Paul, here are a couple of photos, 3.8L automatic. It includes a couple of incorrect wires and splices, but perhaps it helps.

(Brian T) #4

Hello Paul,

our '63 LHD MK2 is equipped with a 3.8L engine and Borg Warner DG250 automatic transmission. The central Lucas light switch is a 4-position unit as our car is equipped with Lucas fog lamps. I installed an Autosparks harness when I restored the car. Hope this provides some assistance.


Hello Paul, thanks for the reply and info, I have printed off all the info and pictures and will study and see if this sheds any light (no pun intended!) I live in Yorkshire


Hello Jason, thanks for your reply and pictures, I have printed them off and will try to compare with my car and see if it can help with my wiring, many thanks.


Hello Brian, thanks for your reply, I’ve got to say I am well jealous of your super clean tidy wiring and bulkhead what a restoration job you have done!! Thanks for the picture I have printed off in the hope of helping me with my wiring, many thanks.