Jaguar mk 2 front bumper brackets

The previous owner replaced the narrow 1968 bumpers with older style wide bumpers, but left the front brackets. This means the front bumper sits too high. Has anyone done this? If so, how did you get the wide bumper to the correct height?

The brackets are diffrent , so you need to get replacment brackets , or mod the one’s you have !

I’m told the valance is different too, but I don’t know for sure

No difference valance wise, but a additional panel is screwed to the front body crossmember to tidy up the front aspect of the car, due to the narrow bumper.

There is a panel at the front , but I do not have one , looks fine , back Valance is diffrent , again it’s just a panel added , easy removed , as it has pop rivets along the top , but lead loaded down the sides !

Thanks for your reply Ian.

Thanks for your reply Peter.

Thanks for your reply Bob.

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll probably have to modify the existing brackets as they are unavailable new.

May be worth getting some new flat bar , if you don’t need the slim bumper irons you could sale them on , for more then the cost of the bar .
I got some bar to make a towing eye

Thanks Ian.
That’s probably the best course of action.

Not sure where you live , but they are still about !

At the front. S Type brackets would sort the problem, and probably 420, if you could find some.