Jaguar MK-4: Fastener for tool box

Asking you for help.

I am looking for fasteners for the tool box of the Jaguar MK-IV (1948). In old catalogs this item is listed with the number BD59.

Attached are photos of these tool box catches (took it from the internet) so you can see what I’m looking for.
I’m missing these closers, I need two pieces. Also one helps me further.
Appearance is secondary, they should function (close and snap into place).

Who has such parts in their stock?
Who could have such parts?
Do you know any collectors/dealers who sell such a part?

Thanks for the support

Welcome Robert.
Those are also used on all Mark V tool lids, and I would first try Worcester Classic Spares.

Hey Robert,

Welcome to the forum. Sorry to say the tool box lid latches are few and far between. I looked for a while before finding a pair from Ed Nantes in AU…one has a broken/missing spring, but it works and stays shut, so it’s 1000-times better than nothing. Although Worcester Classic Spares has the hinges, they don’t have the latches, and don’t have a supplier making them. Cordell Newby doesn’t have any. If I come across any more, I’ll let you know.

I don’t know the answer but I’m guessing that Sir William wouldn’t have been the only car maker using these locks (purely on cost) so I wonder if they were fitted to other cars with boot / trunk :wink: tool trays? There’s a challenge! I’ll look too. :crossed_fingers:t2:

Tim :innocent:


Try ASHWATER FOUNDRY - they make superb die-cast/chrome reproduction parts for Mark IV and V including Tool Tray Lid HINGES, but don’t know re catches or not…

Ashwater Classics | Products and Castings for Classic Cars (

Sadly they don’t produce them. I investigated them when I was looking to replace mine on the MKV as they were average. Ashwater said they might consider it if there was interest in 100 units. I’m guessing that there might be, worldwide. I’d buy two. Someone would have to sacrifice one for a pattern. If they were used on other cars of the period then that would certainly be helpful.

Hello Robert, I recall this part listed for a MKV was in stock in Adelaide, South Australia at Barn Find Spare Parts. It is missing the pin & spring but appears to be ok otherwise. I’ve attached the link.

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I remember this topic came up once before.

Hey Guys,

thank you for the helpful feedback.
Now I only have to create the pin & spring, then the fastener for my MK-IV are complete.

Regards, Robert

I have a number of new brass castings of these locks if anyone needs a pair