Jaguar MK10 420G ventilator vacuum unit NOS

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Description: For sale us a new old stock vacuum unit for the scuttle ventilator aka vent door fwd of the windshield. I bought it with the hopes of adapting it to my 420 compact sedan. Found out it will not fit. P/N is BD.21076. I paid $230.00 with shipping from Europe. I’d like to keep the box.

Asking price (if selling): $50

Location: USA west of Chicago

Contact information: Private message

Cost of shipping (if selling): paid by buyer

Willing to ship worldwide?

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When I look in the Spare Parts Catalogue (for the 4,2 Mk10I see it listed as BD27385…
Yours might be for the 3.8 Mk10 !?!?
Or did the 420G have a different one?

Don’t know. I’m probably stuck with an expensive part I can’t use.

I’ve got my dash all torn apart in the 4.2 Mk10 and just dismounted that piece today (mine is working fine). It appears the same as the one you advertise except mine doesn’t have the bend in the shaft that yours does. The two screw mount looks the same. It should work fine for the Mk10/420G, but you would need to clip the tip of the rod to go in the pinch block that holds it to the ventilator rod.

Good to know. I’d sell this new one for $40 plus postage.

You have an exceedingly rare part there :grinning:

fits MKX 3.8L LHD see chassis nums, they changed it on later 3.8L

I wonder how many of those 177 cars are still on the road

(might be adaptable to other models I suspect)