Jaguar MK2 , 1961 3.8 automatic parts

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Is the car manual (non-power assisted) steering? If so I need the lower steering column. thanks.

I can provide a lower steering column. Where are you for shipping?

Have one for you. Where are you for shipping ?

Hi, I am keen on the centre dash complete with switches and gauges please. Can you tell me what the date is on the switches? They are dated and it’s important to me to have correct dated ones please.Oh and price please?

Hi, I have one on EBAY, it comes from a 1962 MK2 3.8 with foglamps. Take a look and tell me if this is what you’re looking for. I will check the switch dates and am prepared to adjust the price. Regards, Adrian

Hi Adrian, thanks so much for responding so quickly.
I need my switches to be dated late 1960 or early 61, so please if you can check for me, it would be great.
Thanks again
Owen (07768010095)

Hello Owen,

Apologies for late response but the Monaco F1 Grand Prix got in the way this morning here in Canada.

My instrument panel came from a 1961 MK2 3.8 with fog lamps (hence F position on headlamp switch). The date is only discernable on the ignition switch and one instrument, and that shows 11 60. I cannot find dates on the others without completely dismantling the switches and instruments.

Hope this helps,


PS. Where are you located ?

Thanks and it sound encouraging to me. Does it appear to be all original and untouched? What price are you after for it please? Can you send me some pictures please?
I am in Uk but my daughter in law is in Toronto for few months so she can receive it.
My email

Thanks for pictures, may I have a closer picture of gauges please and do they all say made in England along bottom or made in Uk?
Thanks again

I’m looking for the following for my 1961 Mk II:

  1. complete set of headliner bows with the end clips
  2. distributor
  3. carburetors

I’m in New Richmond, Ohio.

Have all but the carbs.

Hi did you decide to sell parts separately now?
I am after early 61 or 1960 gauges and switches please.

Yes the parts are being sold separately. The center guage and switch panel will sell as a complete unit and is on ebay, but I will sell for a negoiated price. Speedometer and rev counter also available.

Ok could you send me the link please

email me

If you go to ebay (N.America,) MK2 parts, center instrument panel, you’ll find mine. Ignore the asking price and make me an offer if you want to. I also have the speedometer and rev counter from the same 1961 MK2.