Jaguar Mk2/Daimler RHD change to LHD

Hwllo Jaglovers, a friend ask me to help with his Daimler/Jaguar Mk2 to change the car from RHD to LHD and he was only asking for the dash change, but it is more then that. The steering had to change, too and the pedal box, don’t know if he bought the missing parts.
Is it difficult to only change te Dash for him?

I changed my s-type to LHD, should be similar.
The wiring has to be changed, but that is easy, just remove the cloth holding the wiring together.
And move all to the other side, only one wire was to short in my case, right hand flasherlamp.
Pedalbox can be just bolted to the other side, but you need new pedals, as the orientation will be wrong.
I had a blacksmith change the orientation for me.
Gas pedal, can just be bolted on the other side, but the lever for the gas itself should be going to the other side also. On the s-type, it can just be welded to the gas-bar stcking out on the LH side of the tunnel. You need new LHD steering box, steering column can just be bolted to the other side.
Good luck.

I have never done that but couple of things comes to my mind:

  • firewall has all holes also for LHD, some may have cover plates.
  • you need new dash wood for speedo/tach and clove box. Center part is same but dials and switches need to be reversed/mirrored. You may need new panel under dash, where trip meter and clock adjust are fastened (not sure if RHD panels can be used)
  • like already said, a new steering box
  • brake and clutch lines and fluid containers need to be transferred to other side along with the pedals
  • handbrake needs to be swapped to other side, parts might be same, just installed onto other side.
  • bonnet release cable stays on right side
  • windscreen wipers need to be swapped, not sure if new parts are needed
    Good luck with the swap

I’ve seen Mk2 dash been converted R to L with a saw.

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Thanks Peter, for your explanation, so the wiring is long enough except the right hand flasherlamp. He bought an other dash for the LHD, so he did tell me.
Pedalbox orientatiion and the handbrake you did not mention.
I will do my best for him, he bought the engine from me.

Hi Kopi, thanks for your good advice, have new dash. brake and clutch lines is an issue.
Don’ t know if he bought a steering box. Handbrake change.
Pedal box had to change, too, because of the orientation Peter told me.

I am doing a LHD to RHD so have bits if required. The handbrake is not a simple swop. I have front axle with power steering, pedal box (auto) etc. which is no good to me.

Handbrake was a easy swap, all the bits are on the left, and on the right.
You just need to modify the handbrake mechanism, was not not difficult.
Bracket needs some cutting and welding, to mirror it.

Thank you Steve, I will ask the friend what he needs, when we started in November.