Jaguar MK2 LH steering box with steering arm

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Description:Jaguar MK2 LH steering box with steering arm. This was taken from my personal 1960 MK2 in running condition. Steering was functioning fine. Clock shows 42,920 miles.

Asking price (if selling):$95.00

Location: Bloomington MN

Contact information: Herbert Miller
Phone 612-860-8067

Cost of shipping (if selling):Buyer responsible for shipping costs.

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This is for manual steering correct?

Correct LH drive manual
Herb Miller

Dear Herbert Miller,

Can you please give me the Jaguar reference stamped on the steering box?
When you took it from your car did it had some slack?
What would be the cost to ship it to me in Coimbra (3030-246), Portugal, on a tracked shipping?
If this suits me how would we settle the deal?
Best regards,
Antonio Melchior Carvalho

I have two units. One was from my MK2 that I am sending to recycling. Worked prefect last time I drove the car. Unit has about 48,000 miles on It. The second I acquired around 1975. Both have the following markings. Patent No 553766 cast into housing. Stamped into housing “J359” and "HT
21 9 "stamped within a small circle.
I will check on shipping.
Herb Miller

I’ve checked the original parts catalogue for the MK2 and the 3 references for the steering boxes are :
C 14846 (SF 415) ratio 20.3:1
C 8928 (SF 212) ratio 17.6:1
C 12213 High ratio 15.7:1
Don’t you find any of these on your boxes?
Even though yours are original MK2 steering boxes, right?

I am also interested depending on what you find out about the casting, etc. I have a '65 Mk2 with power steering and rack and pinion but at some point want to convert it back to manual / steering box. I am in Los Angeles, so shipping will be a bit less. Let me know, thanks

My parts manual lists two LH drive steering box assemblies. C14846 standard 20.3 to 1. Optional special order C8928 17.6 to 1. I am sure my boxes are the standard version. C14846 is an assembly part number, and does not appear on any component of the assembly.
Herb Miller

Hi Herbert,
No problem.
For the pictures you got what I want.
If we could go private, my e-mail is
Can you send me yours, so that we can settle things?

I have 2 steering boxes for sale. One is spoken for and I have received payment thru PayPal, will ship today. So I have one left. I also have the right side steering idler for sale.
Herb Miller

Cool, I’m interested in both as I need to piece together a whole steering setup to replace the rack and pinion. So it’s a left hand drive box and then you have the right side idler. How much for both and shipping to LA? We can shift to email or DM too let me know.

What other steering parts do you need?
Herb Miller

I’ll send you an email.