Jaguar MKII Seat repair/rebuilbs

OK I am sure this is not the right place for this request and I hope admin will forgive me
I an rebuilding/repairing the seats in my MKII (check out YouTube channel jagvette1) and I have discovered that I have two springs missing that help the seat slide back and forth (see Photo) obviously I need to get two of these and I would rather give my money to a fellow car nut than a supplier IF you have a couple of springs and would be willing to sell them to me please contact me on my home garage computer at

as always thank you guys and girls you are the best.


Call Jack White in Virginia @ 540 743 4037
He has these and tons of other parts.

Jack would like to know who you are to say thank you

On your videos I noticed you had not installed the short hose between the oil pan and the oil filter assembly. I highly recommend you do that BEFORE installation. It is an absolute

bitch to install once the engine is in the car. I had to change the starter and a lot of parts had to come out first and it required hours of maneuvering parts to get everything correct. You have to lube that hose before installation. Don’t forget the heavy duty hose clamps. That hose can be purchased from a custom hose shop locally

Gerard in Colorado